Holistic Spa Therapy – The Chromotherapy Spa Experience


According to the ancient Indian art of the chakras, color therapy has the potential to heal. These days, bathtub, shower and steam shower manufacturers are inspired by this age-old practice to create a multi-color experience focusing in on specific colors to achieve relaxing effects. By using different color spectrum’s on specified body parts, chromatherapy – dictated by the chakras – takes the bathing experience full circle.

To integrate color into the steam experience, systems can be purchased which offer a full color spectrum and features that even change colors to adjust to one’s mood. The technological components are mounted behind a solid brass ceiling grill. Look for systems with a remote control for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.

Some bathtubs are now designed specifically around the concept of chromatherapy – and with the touch of a button, the bath’s environment changes color via four LED light ports positioned within the inner walls of the bath. Each color is displayed for about eight seconds. The cycle begins with a neutral white light, followed by three cool and relaxing colors – purple, indigo and aqua blue, then green as the balancing color, and the cycle concludes with three warm stimulating colors – yellow, orange, and red.


JACLO Dreamlight

Even rain canopies now feature colored LEDs for a relaxing effect. Many models are offered in rectangular, square and round shapes. The lights can be programmed to turn on manually with the flip of a switch or they can start automatically whenever the shower is turned on. Many models feature a full rain spray and can be customized with fixed color combinations. Imagine white, blue, amber, red, green or warm white light to wash away your daily stressors.

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