Recreate the Fitness Club Spa in Your Own Bathroom

Bring the Spa Bath from your Fitness Club Home

gymAny fitness buff will choose one gym over another because of its amenities and pampering perks. However, who wouldn’t be enticed by the relaxing oases that are being integrated into upscale gyms everyday? From eucalyptus-scented steam rooms to powerful rain canopy showerheads and sunken-in spas with body-contouring jet systems – these luxurious benefits are strategically-placed in gym bathrooms to keep their customers coming back. However, this same serene scene can be recreated in your home bathroom, and will work just as well at easing stress and releasing tension from tight muscles.

Here are a few ideas for the master transformation:

Shower Power: Get the pressure and power of your gym shower at home with Rainbars and Rain Canopies. Rainbars function as a linear body jet, allowing the user to customize their bathing experience as the top and bottom of the rod rotate independently and jets are offset resulting in a spreading spray pattern.

Rain Canopy

Rain Canopy

Rain canopies engulf bathers in water and are usually available in a choice of round, square, oval and rectangular configurations.

Steam: Every exclusive fitness club has a steam component. This is most likely due to the fact that steam helps the body shed toxins and burn calories. Furthermore, steam showers promote the total relaxation of mind and body, ease stress, relieve muscle tension and stiff joints, stimulate circulation, increase metabolism, keep skin glowing and youthful and are also known to alleviate sinus congestion due to colds, asthma or allergies. Residential steam showers transform the regular shower into a steam shower at the touch of a button. Bathers can also up the spa quotient with cutting-edge add-ons like sound, chromatherapy and aromatherapy features.

Drop-in Tubs: Get the sunken Jacuzzi look with the drop-in tub. Look for an organic shape for stylish serenity – relaxation is just moments away.





Create your own ambiance

Create ambiance

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