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Medical Spas – A Hot Trend in Spas

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Medical SpaLast month we touched on the topic of Medical Spas when a visitor asked us what was the state of the spa industry. One of our spa experts had pointed us to the findings of the third-annual Global Spa Summit that took place last month. At this summit they found overwhelmingly that the Medical Spa niche was expanding more than any other in the spa industry. In the past yearĀ  the number of medical spas has grown by 85 percent, which is a very large percentage for any industry in this economic climate.

Medical Spas provide services such as laser hair removal, hormone therapy, anti aging medicine, Botox, microdermabrasion, skin tightening treatments and more. This is a very exciting and interesting type of spa, but choosing the right medical spa is essential. Sometimes the doctor performing the procedures may be the actual owner of the spa, or they could be paid for their services provided at the medical spa. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists are typically the doctors that will treat you as well as dentists for teeth whitening treatments, so you should do your research on these facilities the same you would research a new doctor. You should also research the actual treatments you are considering having done, as there are many of these establishments that are only in the business of making money, and do not provide results with some treatments.

Other treatments that medical spas provide that do not need the oversight of a doctor include infrared saunas, facials, steam showers, and other treatments you might find at a day spa. Although a lot of medical spas provide the same services that a day spa might, don’t expect the ambience, decor or relaxing atmosphere that you usually see at a day spa. Medical Spas are much more clinical and will typically resemeble a doctors office more than a day spa.

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