Steam Shower Warranties – What you need to know

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One Steam Shower Manufacturer’s Warranty:
– 1 year on controls and cables; at their place of choice. After the first year the customer is responsible for parts and labor on controls and cables.

– 5 years on generators for material defect; at their place of choice. After 5 years the customer pays for parts and labor on their generator.

– Warranty is non-transferable.

Another Steam Shower Manufacturer’s Warranty:
– 5 years on working components for material defect.

– The first 2 years of the 5 they cover labor.

– They claim they are the only company to cover poor water quality; covered for 5 years.

– Exceedingly inaccurate.

ThermaSol Warranty:
– Dependent on model you receive 2 or 3 year in-home coverage, parts & labor for material defect.

– Lifetime parts & labor warranty at factory; no questions, no exclusions! Yes, not even water quality!

– Warranty is transferable should you sell your home.


ThermaSol offers immeasurable advantages unavailable from others:

  1. A lifetime of coverage; no questions, no worries. (Superior to 1, 2 or 5 year warranties)
  2. Labor & parts coverage for a lifetime; no exclusions or questions. (Unavailable from competitors)
  3. Warranty covers whatever has failed on the unit including items that fail from poor water quality; for a lifetime. (Unavailable from competitors)
  4. Transferable should you sell your home.
  5. Which would you choose; after 5 years no commitment from the manufacturer or coverage for parts & labor for a lifetime from ThermaSol?

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