Things To Consider Before Installing A Steam Shower

The bathroom that you are planning on installing the steam shower in should be in good shape. You don’t want to spend money on a luxury item such as a steam shower if your bathroom already needs work. You’re better off investing the money into fixing up your bathroom.

Make sure your current bathroom fan is vented directly to the outdoors, and that it is big enough to move enough air to displace the steam from your steam shower. If your contractor thinks the fan is too small, then make sure to install a larger one.

Make sure you have a suitable location to install the steam generator, so that it will function properly and meet local codes. You’ll need an area where electrical and plumbing lines can be run to and from the unit and where you can get access to the steam unit itself. Most steam generators are fairly small, about 1 foot wide by 2 feet long, so finding a good installation space is usually not an issue.

You will need to install a “steam door” which is a special glass shower door that can completely seals the opening around the tub/shower area so the steam cannot escape. Depending on your setup, this door may have to be custom built, which may add even more money to an already expensive job.

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

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