Using Chakras & Chromatherapy to Heal

Using Chromatherapy or “Color Therapy” in your home or at the spa can be one alternative form of medicine that may just help you ease pain and heal your body. Hippocrates was an ancient Greek physician of and is considered one of the most prolific figure in the history of medicine. Otherwise known as the “Father of Western Medicine”, Hippocrates was well aware of color’s holistic powers which is why he painted his treatment rooms in healing and used different colored ointments. The ancient Indian art of the chakras uses color therapy to heal by targeting the problem area with the appropriate therapy according to the chakra.

These days through the use of bathtubs, showers and steam showers one can produce these multi-color experiences, focusing on specific colors to help heal or relieve pain for a specific area on the body. By using different color spectrums on specified body parts, chromatherapy – dictated by the chakras – uses the bathing experience to help heal.

To integrate color into your bathing experience, the Serenity Light and Music System is one of the best lighting systems on the market, as it can produce a full color spectrum and features that even change colors to adjust to one’s mood. The technological components are mounted behind a solid brass ceiling grill. The system can come with a remote control for the ultimate in comfort and convenience during your steam bath experience as well.

Here is one chart that may help you target the location on your body or the system that you are hoping to heal:

Color Chakra Location Function System
Red First Base of the spine Stimulation Circulatory system
Orange Second Pelvis Energy levels Lungs
Yellow Third Solar plexus Purification Blood
Green Fourth Heart Soothing Heart
Blue Fifth Throat Illness and pain Throat
Indigo Sixth Forehead Mental wellness Skin
Violet Seventh Top of the head Relaxation Head

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