The Art of Stone in the Home Spa

Individual by nature and illustrious in its final shape, the use of stone in the home spa produces a captivating and tactile experience unmatched by other materials. Earthy, exotic, and sometimes extravagant, there are many beautiful types of stone that fuse effortlessly into home décor. The unique quality of these creations lies in the distinctive patterns created by the colorful veining in each piece of stone. No two pieces are alike – ever. Hand-carved using a hammer and chisel with respect to the nature of each piece, the designers delicately carve each form into a modern masterpiece. Here are just a few of our favorite stone elements that we have seen more and more in the home spa:

Old World Bathtub

Stone Forest Old World Bathtub

Stone Forest Old World Bathtub

Inspired by ancient Roman baths, Stone Forest’s Old World Bathtub in Papiro Cream is a true testament to times past. Carved from a solid block of marble, the bathtub features unique veining and the alluring natural colors of the distinctive stone. The custom tub weighs a stunning 1500 pounds – holding up to 500 pounds of water, and when filled the bather will be comfortably immersed in 17″ of warm water.

Vogue Collection

THG Vouge Collection

THG Vogue Collection

THG perfects the delicate combination of crystal and precious stones with their Vogue Collection. A perfect compliment to the exquisite faucets, the luxury bath series offers a range of gemstone inlays for the handles to suit the finest of tastes, including: Turquoise, Chalzedon, Gray Agate, Rose Quartz, Thulite, Cornaline, Smoky Quartz, Rock Crystal, Amethyst and Aragonite. Just imagine having his lav set in your own, luxurious home spa!

Veneto Pedestal Sink in Multi-color Onyx

Stone Forest Veneto

Stone Forest Veneto

Inspired by classic Italian design, Stone Forest’s striking, barrel-shaped vessels are perfectly carved from single blocks of multi-color onyx. To add additional character to their environment, each sculpture includes a cavity in the back that can accommodate a light source to enhance the luminosity of these architectural forms.

Onyx Wabi Vessel

Onyx Wabi Vessel

Onyx Wabi Vessel

Carved from small boulders of rare purple and green onyx, each Stone Forest Onyx Wabi is a one-of-a-kind piece. As in nature, the shape, size and color of each creation is unique, yet the precision and skill of contemporary design remains evident in each piece.

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