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Bathrooms to Become More Spa-Like in 2010

Friday, February 5th, 2010
Spa Like Bathrooms

Spa Like Bathroom

According to the Star Gazette’s Home trends for 2010 article, they are reporting that they are continuing to see the trend of bathrooms becoming more spa-like, continuing through the 2010. This reinforces our own reports on home spas, and how we see this trend continues to become more popular (see home spa blog posts here).

We have also seen a return to a more “comfortable style” which is a broader topic and also very evident, nothing is more comfortable than a home spa if you ask us! The Star Gazette article goes on to say:

“The transformation of bathrooms into spas, complete with whirlpools and multiple body sprays in the shower, will continue next year. ‘We want to bring that spa feeling into the bathroom,’ says Tammy Altilio, co-owner of Kitchen & Bath Gallery in Horseheads. ‘That’s the way people want to enjoy the space in a relaxed environment.’  Glass tiles are a popular decorating accent in the bathroom, especially in hues of blues and greens. For the rest of the bathroom, Altilio says lighter colors will predominate next year as darker hues will make the room seem smaller.”

Some of the best ways to turn a bathroom into a luxurious home spa include installing a steam shower, whirlpool tub, sauna as well as using materials such as quartz, tile, colored glass and acrylic. We are sure we will see many more spa-like bathroom designs in the coming months as this trends continues to expand.

Top 5 Spa Resources

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Here is a short list of the top 5 spa resources we’ve found that will help spa owners and spa goers alike find the right treatments, products, services, research findings, jobs, information and more! If you ever have a question about anything spa related and we don’t have the answer, one of these websites will!

  • International Spa Association – This organization is a great source of information for people in the spa industry, as well as for people that are looking to get into the spa industry. This organization has been online since 1991, and has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry. On their website a few of the very valuable features include the ISPA Job Bank where you can search for job openings or list your own; ISPA Conference & Expo; Spa Industry Events; Education & Resources and more. We love the research and reports that ISPA puts out about the industry and read and write about them often.
International Spa Association

International Spa Association

  • Spa Finder – This global spa resource and spa finder works hand in hand with thousands of spas across the country to gather information about specific spas including their rates, reviews, amenities and more. This information proves to be a very valuable resource for those looking for a specific spa experience. You can find spas, spa deals, buy gift certificates and even book your spa treatment through this website. They also have a very good blog that they update as often as we update our own, so definitely check it out as well.
Spa Finder

Spa Finder

  • Wahanda – Wahanda is a website that focuses on health, beauty and happiness. The site is the equivalent of a social network, Etsy style superstore, global directory and article library all rolled into one. They have a large emphasis on spas and categorize their spas into these sub-categories: day spas, destination spas, medical spas, dental spas and mobile spas. As with spa finder there are a vast amount of reviews on Wahanda, but their reviews also include product reviews and even allow their members to upload their own pictures of the spa, treatment or product being discussed.
Wahanda Spa Social Network

Wahanda Spa Social Network

  • SpaWeek – Many of you will already be familiar with Spa Week as it is a major event that is held twice a year and works with spas across the country to offer spa-goers a deal on all spa treatments from participating spas with a flat rate of $50 per treatment. Since its conception in 2003 SpaWeek has grown immensely in attendance with its new found popularity. The website now offers a variety spa deals, gift cards, contests & giveaways, Spadcasts, a spa directory, a blog and even a bridal section. Recently SpaWeek has really stepped up their giveaways and have been sending out a lot more free stuff to their members other websites or spa organizations.
Spa Week

Spa Week

  • Spa Magazine – Spa Magazine is the leading print magazine for spa-enthusiasts and spa industry members alike. With excellent editorials and a circulation of over 100k, this is a great spa resource. The Spa Magazine website offers a wealth of well written articles, as well as other spa resources such as a spa finder, spa basics resource, spa contests and even spa recipes.
Spa Magazine

Spa Magazine

Aromatherapy Corner – Why Choose Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Therapeutic Grade Oils

Therapeutic Grade Oils from Provence, France

Most essential oils on the marketplace are traded through distributors or brokers and pass through many hands before reaching a retail store. These oils are often adulterated with substances that “boost” or “extend” one or more of the fragrant properties in the oil. One liter of pure, organic Lavender is sold for around $300. On the other hand, a liter of synthetic or adulterated oil is sold from $10 to $60. One can see why boosting and extending a true oil to increase profit margins might be a seductive choice.  Adulterated oils can also cause short term side effects such as rashes, burning or other irritations. It is unknown what long term effects synthetically treated oils have on human physiology.  In short, use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils, shipped directly from the producers that grow and distill them organically.

For a variety of Therapeutic Grade aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

ThermaSol Releases Series of Informational Videos Featuring “Sol”

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

We just saw this new series of Sol videos showing exactly how ThermaSol steam showers are different than other brands’ products. Very interesting and entertaining videos with great information!

Take a look:

Steam Shower Sizing

Steam Shower Warranties

Steam Shower Smart Steam

Steam Shower Digital Technology

Steam Shower PowerFlush

Aromatherapy Corner – The importance of organic

Monday, February 1st, 2010
Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils

Plants make essential oils to protect themselves from pests, bacteria and environmental stress. By carefully distilling plants like lavender (it takes about one tone of lavender plants to produce only four liters of essential oil!), we can use their healing oils for our own ailments. But if you spray a plant like lavender with pesticides and herbicides, the lavender will not produce its own natural healing chemicals, because the pesticides are doing that job for the plant.  It is also common to find adulterated essential oils in the market place. Adulterated or synthetic oils can cause short-term side effects like rashes, burning or other irritations. When an essential oil is labeled organic, this certification ensures that the plants were farmed, harvested, distilled and distributed according to organic methods.  So it is very important that we choose organic essential oils when we are using them for their therapeutic qualities. I suggest looking to reputable health food stores and cooperatives. Ask the folks who work there if the essential oils they offer are certified organic, and if the essential oil company sources its oils directly from the distilleries where they were made.  You’ll find that essential oils are like fine wines. It may take a while for your nose to recognize a great lavender or roman chamomile. But have patience, because learning to care for yourself with natural healing and beauty products is a self-empowering gift.

For a wide selection of 100% organic aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

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