The Tub Experience

When creating a sensuous, spa-like bath environment, designers know that every detail counts. Other than the shower experience and all of the accoutrements that are associated with vertical bathing, the tub is the unspoken grande dame of the bathroom. Immersing oneself completely in water remains a sensuous experience unlike any other. What differentiates today’s bathtubs from the old standards are the shapes of the tubs and the materials. You are no longer restricted to porcelain as the only viable option. Stone, teak, copper, even steel are materials now used in tubs. We’ve become intrigued with creative uses of materials like silk, Corian, and polyminerals; all smooth and sensuous, they are redefining the everyday bath experience into something much more. The ‘ahhh factor’ plus the ‘it factor.’ Below are a few tubs from Hastings Bath & Tile. All images provided by Hastings.

Hastings Round Tub- A

Hastings Round Tub- Atmosfere

Hastings Rectangle Tub- Atmosfere

Hastings Rectangle Tub- Atmosfere

The Atmosfere Collection from Hastings shines with its simple shapes, minimalist design, and eco-friendly polymineral composite material. The bathtub’s glossy exterior and the matte and silky interior combine to make the Atmosfere a contemporary must-have. The round tub is 47 inches in diameter, which is big enough for two, but contained enough to suit most generously sized bathrooms. The rectangular tub saves space and can be placed either in the center of the bathroom or flush against the wall. The polyresin material allows the tubs to be thinner than, but as durable as porcelain. For a completely different visual, the Atmosfere is also available as a square tub.

Chelsea Tub

Chelsea Tub

Silk – not the fabric, though the feel of the resin these tubs are made from can certainly be compared to silk: smooth, sensuous, exotic, and like silk they feel wonderful and look beautiful. Because the silk-like resin material is easy to work with and mold, the Hastings Chelsea Basin has curves in all the right places. Call it contemporary with a softer edge, the Chelsea is a sweet tub perfect for rooms that want a lighter feel without compromising design. As with all of the Hastings Silk Tub lines, Chelsea is durable, resistant to stains and easy to clean. It is a Chelsea morning!

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