Waterproof Technology for the Spa

When you think of spas, showers, and baths you don’t think of an environment that is very friendly to modern technology. But, in fact, you can find a variety of consumer electronics that work perfectly in the spa and in wet conditions, and enable you to watch television, surf the web, make phone calls and listen to music. Here are a few waterproof devices that might enhance your spa experience.



TrendyDigital WaterGuard Waterproof Case for iPad

Waterproof iPad Case

Waterproof iPad Case

The nice thing about a tablet computer is that you can pretty much take it wherever you go, and that now includes the spa. This waterproof case for the iPad made by TrendyDigital will protect the device and allow you to operate the keyboard and navigation interface while using it in the shower or bathtub. It’s perfect if you want to relax and read a good iBook during your spa experience. The case also comes with an adjustable strap so that you can wear it around your neck or shoulders while you stand in your steam shower.

Aquavision T1 Towel Rail TV

TV Towel Rack

TV Towel Rack

Aquavision Mirrored TV Towel Warmer

Aquavision Mirrored TV Towel Warmer

This Towel Rail TV by Aquavision is a great option if you want to watch television in the spa. It features a 17” waterproof LCD display and fully heated chrome rails for keeping your towels warm. The special Mirrorvision glass allows it to double as a mirror when the TV is turned off, yet still remain clear when the TV is on. It also comes with a waterproof remote, so you can still channel surf even under the most wet spa conditions.

Aquapac Waterproof Case for iPhone and Droid

iPod Case

iPhone Case

The Aquapac Waterproof case protects your iPhone or Droid phone from water, so you never have to miss a call, even while at the spa. This case is 100% waterproof and capable of being fully submerged in water to depths of 15 feet. You can operate your phone’s touchscreen and talk and listen to calls through the thin protective cover. It even floats if you happen to drop it in water.

Speedo AquaBeat MP3 Player

Waterproof MP3 Player

Waterproof MP3 Player

This fully waterproof MP3 player is made by Speedo, so you know its creators understand water. It’s designed to be used by swimmers, but can also be a convenient device for spa enthusiasts as well. This player is safe to use at depths of up to 3 meters and more than capable of being used in a jacuzzi or bathtub. It features 2 GB of music storage space, built-in rechargeable battery, comprehensive playback controls, and waterproof earphones.

Waterproof Light and Music System

ThermaSol Serenity Light and Music System

ThermaSol Light and Music System

If you are looking for technology that can single-handedly turn any shower into a chromatherapy and sound therapy home spa, ThermaSol makes the Serenity Light and Music System that is designed to be used with your ThermaSol steam shower, as well as a Standalone Light and Music Package which brings chromatherapy and sound into any shower. It is offered in two packages: A Deluxe Lighting System and Premium Lighting System. These light and music systems offer a full spectrum of red, blue and green light. The light spectrum can be adjusted to any soothing shade during your shower.  The music can be generated through a built-in FM receiver and the system also has two additional places that you can plug in a portable CD, DVD, TV, satellite radio, MP3 or cable box compatibility. Both the light and sound components are self contained within the single light and sound module.

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