Spa Customer Service is More Important Than Ever

I read an interesting post on the NY Times business blog about how a spa owner in Mt. Kisco, NY let negative energy bring down the spa’s atmosphere, and in turn the spa’s sales. It got me thinking about spa services and how they are delivered is so important right now. Spas may seem like a non-essential luxury in these tough economic times, but we have seen that many people actually view a visit to the spa as a more affordable way to treat one’s self as opposed to purchasing large ticket items like a pricey new car. Spa treatments are also a great way to relax and relieve stress in these stressful times.

Spa Customer Service

Exemplary Customer Service

The owner of this particular spa found that her employees were becoming discouraged, unmotivated and indifferent to their customers’ needs. The employees had lost touch with the objective of any spa, which is to make the customer feel better about themselves. This negative energy was affecting the experience of the spa’s customers and leading to a decrease in sales.

With the advances we’ve seen in home spa technology, as well as the expansion we’ve seen in home spas trends, day spas and destination spas need to provide the best spa treatments to their customers with the best service possible or else people will just treat themselves at home. Not only do the spa treatments need to be top notch, but the atmosphere, mood, attitude and energy of the spa’s employees (aestheticians, massage therapists, receptionists, etc.), as well as the décor and design of the spa itself should all add to the spa experience. Even something as simple as a spa having a pleasant smell is very important now as the slightest discomfort may cause the spa customer to stay home.

One major advantage that destination spas have to offer over the home spa is the wealth of knowledge and expertise of the spa’s employees. If the spa fails to leave the customer feeling better about his or herself then people will just opt to stay home.

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