Green Feels Glorious!

While we’re spending our spa time saving our skin, why not save the environment at the same time? The movement towards a greener spa experience has so many positive ramifications – and like most other eco-conscious trends, it takes only small changes to make a substantial impact.Water conservation

It sounds like the simplest thing in the world but the #1 spa-thing you can do to minimize your environmental footprint is to keep your H2O usage in check. When looking for products for your home spa, keep an eye out for bath elements that emphasize low-flow or water-saving technology – it’s incredible how the most basic of eco-conscious actions can still have such a tremendous effect. Choose products identified as “WaterSense certified,” as they comply with specific guidelines identified by the Environmental Protection Agency to promote water efficiency. And while you’re saving water, keep an eye on your energy consumption too. Products that incorporate green-friendly elements, like ThermaSol’s patented SmartSteamTM technology – a temperature control feature that conserves energy by maintaining even levels of heat, and never using more power than necessary – make putting your green-foot-forward easy and effective.

Going beyond your home spa doesn’t mean leaving the environment behind. More and more, spas are adding “eco-chic” to their resume of services – making your relaxation all the sweeter knowing that you’re doing right by the planet. The Green Spa and Wellness Center in Brooklyn, New York is the first and only full-service luxury green spa in the borough. Recycled materials are used in every part of the center – from paper to paint to construction products – they even are using recycled denim as wall insulation! Dual-flush toilets conserve water, non-toxic cleaning products keep public areas fresh without doing harm to the atmosphere, natural light replaces artificial illumination (supplemented with energy-efficient bulbs, where necessary), and bamboo flooring, an environmentally-friendly alternative to wood, lines the floor of the yoga & movement studio. How green are they?! And never fear, the movement goes west as well. At Absolute Nirvana, Santa Fe’s only eco-chic spa, green is in the air – literally. In addition to using only organic and chemical-free cleaning products, natural skin care ingredients, water-efficient appliances, and cloth hand towels, 80 percent of their electricity is wind generated. Good for you, great for the planet. Looking for a green spa in your area? Check out the Green Spa Network, an organization dedicated to bringing sustainability and education to spas nationwide.

So whether you’re spa-ing at home or luxuriating elsewhere, know that it’s so easy to do your part in helping to protect valuable natural resources, and with no compromise to your experience. Go green!

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