The Hue in You: Chromatherapy

Color is part of everything we do. It determines what clothes we pair together, how we prepare food (think rare vs. medium well) – even whether or not we stop our cars at an intersection! We have an emotional relationship with color, and the hue of things often determines how we feel about them – even subconsciously.

Chromatherapy – the science of healing through color – harnesses our incredible connection with the spectrum of shades, and helps us to achieve optimum health and relaxation through the most basic of all mediums: light. And when the world of chromatherapy meets the world of spa, the possibilities are endless. Imagine using color to relax your mind, the same way that you use water, steam, and temperature to relax your body – all at the same time!

Just as we assign words to objects and names to people, we impart feelings and attitudes onto colors. From our earliest years, we acknowledge reds, oranges, and yellows as “hot” or “warm” shades, and associate them with stimulation or feelings of excitement. (Which must explain why red is so commonly used in food packaging – it’s a color that’s psychologically acknowledged to activate our appetites!) Conversely, blues, greens, and purples are “cool” shades, and are connected with feelings of tranquility, restoration, and an association with nature. Chromatherapy acknowledges these emotional attachments and uses them to our advantage. So if you’re feeling tired, lackluster, or creatively stunted, consider burning crimson candles next to your tub, hanging orange glass prisms from your bathroom window, and scattering gold-tinted gemstones on your vanity. Sounds simple, but that’s how easy it is to incorporate chromatherpy into your home spa routine.

Manufacturers have also taken notice of the increased interest in color-as-restoration, and have made color-based light systems readily accessible in home spa products. ThermaSol’s Serenity Light and Music System uses both chromatherapy and audio-therapy to stimulate your eyes and ears, while relaxing your body. A self-contained 10” module produces high-intensity light with an infinitely adjustable spectrum – ideal for home chromatherapy. This is the pinnacle of relaxation, and will surely take your home spa experience to a whole new level.

Chromatherapy System

Chromatherapy System

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