Time to Relax

Between Bluetooths, Blackberries, homework crises and household disasters, finding time to relax has become a chore in itself. And as 10-hour workdays become the norm, it’s more important than ever to give our minds and bodies a chance to truly find peace – even if it means putting “relaxation” on the schedule.

Thankfully, the spa world is embracing this challenge, and, with a little creativity, is making tremendous efforts to accommodate our often-taxing lifestyles and provide easy outlets for relaxation. One emerging trend is the one-stop-shop approach to relaxation. More and more, spa services are popping up in typically un-spa places, like hair salons, nail salons, airports, and malls. In fact, these days you’d be hard pressed to get a manicure and not have the option of adding on a hand or back massage. And no longer does your stylist just do a wash-and-cut, without offering a relaxing scalp treatment, providing the opportunity for a few blissful moments without the hassle of changing locations.

Spa design trends are also making their way out of the spa and into everyday locations. Hotel rooms, airport lounges – even restaurants – are infusing their aesthetics with spa features, from hot towels to cucumber water to white noise machines, in an effort to distract from the stresses of the day in small doses, even if you can’t make it to the spa.

It’s so important to find time to relax and give your mind and body a chance to rejuvenate. So even amidst the chaos of the week, try to make relaxation a priority…and know that you don’t always have to look far for an opportunity to bag some bliss.


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