Tech-spa-logy: Embracing Technology in the Spa

ThermaSol Digital Controls

Steam Shower Digital Controls

In the recent history of technology, we’ve all seen a slew of gadgets come across our plates. iPods, iPads, iPhones, laptops, desktops, flatscreens, widescreens – all intended to grant us greater freedom, ease of use, increased flexibility, and the luxury of getting exactly what we want when we want it, without compromise. And while electronics manufacturers have been busy upping the ante in the world of computers, gaming, and television, advanced technology has also been making its way into the spa world.

When it comes to the home spa experience, the leader-by-a-longshot in technology integration is steam shower pro ThermaSol. In fact, they’ve done to the home steam shower what DVR did to television – made it advanced, on-demand, fluid, and infused with unlimited possibilities. What makes ThermaSol’s technology integration so unique amongst other brands is their 100% fully networked digital technology. Even though other manufacturers boast digital controllers, their infrastructure is still analog – which is about as productive and advanced as having a dial-up connection while everyone else has high-speed internet.

ThermaSol is the only brand with a fully digital system, ensuring connectivity and performance at an unrivaled level. This means that every piece of information you put into a ThermaSol steam shower controller – time, temperature, music settings – is instantaneously received by the generator, and immediately implemented. A fully digital system also means that expandability – incorporating add-ons and additional features – are streamlined with ease and simplicity. Interested in chromotherapy and in-shower entertainment? With a digital system, ThermaSol’s Light and Music Package literally pops right in, and is immediately recognized by the steam shower. Plug-and-play with shower power.

Chromotherapy System

ThermaSol Serenity Light and Music System

A fully digital system also makes the ThermaSol steam shower a beacon of reliability and safety. The Digital Power Flush system ensures a perfect – and clean – steam every time, and with no waste. ThermaSol’s technology integration takes the guesswork out of the spa experience; maintenance, repairs, and additions are a breeze. And even the parts you can’t see benefit from the same technological advances implemented into the user experience. So even though you’re not thinking about ThermaSol’s generators having gone through two full test runs before shipment, or heating elements designed with the lowest watt density for a longer lifespan, or a low-distortion, high density subwoofer in the music package, you can steam easy knowing they’re there.

Steam Shower Generator

ThermaSol Pro Series Steam Generator

It’s not always easy to embrace technology. But when it envelops you in relaxing steam, soothing music, and therapeutic lights, suddenly, it doesn’t seem so intimidating. ThermaSol is an outstanding and industry-leading example of a successful integration of technology and the home spa. And we can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next.

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