What is Balneotherapy?


It’s no coincidence that floating ‘round a swimming pool, diving into the ocean, or sitting in the bubbly comfort of a hot tub all evoke in us a wonderful calming sensation, mind and body. Because water, amongst its myriad amazing qualities, is as therapeutic for our outsides as our insides. And when wielded in specific ways, it actually has the power to restore our physiology, from our digestive systems to chronic skin diseases, to our metabolism and blood circulation. So if you’re looking for a unique approach to healing with a spa-slant, why not give balneotherapy a try?

It’s a mouthful, for sure, but once you’re ensconced in a thermal bath, your body invigorated by various minerals and the motion of the water, the name won’t seem like such a bother. Balneotherapy – the treatment of disease by bathing – uses the science of H20 to promote healing and restoration. By harnessing water’s innate qualities and controlling external conditions (time, temperature, motion, and supplemental materials), the spa experience is quickly transformed into a time of both relaxation and rejuvenation.

Our skin is not a solid barrier to the world, and when our bodies are immersed in water, we absorb elements carried in the liquid that surrounds us. This is the basis of balneotherapy: by infusing spa waters with minerals, essential oils or organic elements, we create a rich environment from which we can intake valuable resources – restorative minerals and oils – and in which we can expel harmful toxins. Similar to hydrotherapy, balneotherapy refers exclusively to the medical use of spas. Like aromatherapy, both treatments incorporate the common principle of using essential oils in the bath to general positive health effects. And if you’re already a fan of the science of olfactory pleasure, balneotherapy is a wonderful complement.

Another popular approach to balneotherapy is temperature-based water therapy, specifically bathing in hot springs. The mineral-rich water and hot temperatures provide infinite health benefits for the body, helping to kill harmful germs and viruses, increasing blood circulation and cell oxygenation, aiding metabolism and digestion, normalizing functions of the endocrine glands and nervous system, and even promoting psychological well-being. For the skin, balneotherapy in hot spring baths has been shown to have a therapeutic effect on psoriasis, dermatitis, and fungal infections.

So if your regular routine is feeling, well, routine, consider a new approach to natural with balneotherapy, and discover all that water can do for your body – from the outside.

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