What is a Body Polish?

Body Polish

Body Polish

Not long ago, I was a complete novice when it came to body polishes. Was it a massage, I asked myself? No, my spa mavens told me. Was I going to be laden in creams that would clog my pores? Negative, they reported, astonished that I had yet to try the mother-of-all body treatments. Turns out that a body polish – which always sounded to me more like a car repair service than a body regimen – is one of the most luxurious and refreshing spa activities one can indulge in. Just take it from the newly converted.

A body polish – which is truly a skin exfoliation technique – is designed to invigorate and rejuvenate your skin, by sloughing off hard, dead cells, and revealing a layer of shiny, soft, moisturized skin underneath. Offered almost universally at spas, body polishes combine elements of massages and body scrubs in a unique treatment designed to stimulate your body and cleanse your skin. The polish typically begins with the application of infused aromatic oils to hydrate your pores, followed by an exfoliant to smooth and refresh the skin. Made from a variety of elements, exfoliants are usually natural, fragrant materials selected for optimal skin rejuvenation. Sea salts, sugars, herbs, oatmeals – even crushed fruit seeds – are just some of the many exfoliants used in body polishes to invigorate your skin, and give your treatment a customized twist. The exfoliant is rubbed vigorously across your body – arms, back, legs, feet – massaged into your skin, and then rinsed away to reveal a clean layer of epidermis, smooth and silky. Just remember – don’t be afraid to speak up if an exfoliant feels too abrasive on your skin. Above all, a body polish should be comfortable!
But a body polish does more than simply remove dead skin cells – it stimulates so thoroughly that it actually has significant health benefits. Body polishes improve blood and lymph circulation, help fight cellulite, and improve overall skin tone. Smooth skin and health benefits? Didn’t take much to persuade me. And while perfect as a standalone service, a body polish is also an ideal treatment to use in tandem with other spa packages. Schedule a body polish before a mud treatment, when your newly open pores will benefit most from the wrap. Or combine with a massage, getting the body polish first, as it stimulates your skin, followed by a relaxing rubdown.

Now, I know, you’re thinking, “Can it get any better?” Believe it or not, it can. Unlike many other spa treatments, a body polish is one of the best techniques to recreate in your home. You can do a self-polish in any bathroom or home spa – or even better, in your home steam shower, as the moisture beautifully complements the invigorating experience of the polish. So if your skin is craving a new cure, dive in to “the facial for the body” and experiment with a body polish!

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