Chill Out! Your Guide to Cold Spa Treatments

Cold Spa Treatment

Kneipp Pool and Ice Fountain at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong

Imagine lying in the sand on a hot summer day, the warmth of the beach rising around you – knowing that absolutely nothing would feel better than diving head first into the cool ocean. Sound familiar? It should. That’s because of all the stimuli our bodies respond to, the results effected by a change in temperature are amongst the most powerful to our physiology. And that’s the science behind the growing trend in cold spa treatments.

The term “cold spa treatments” is slightly misleading, as such services rarely just involve the use of “cold.” Typically, they incorporate a combination of heat and freeze to generate positive health results and relaxation. Blood circulation is directly connected to the expansion and constriction of our arteries and vessels, as dictated by the temperature around us. Therefore, drastic changes in the thermostat of our atmosphere can have an amazing impact on our body’s functions, including circulation, metabolism, and our ability to detoxify. Cold spa therapy treatments also promote balance, deep relaxation, and help to minimize inflammation and recovery from injury.

So if you’re ready to take the plunge, en garde: the cold treatment revolution has arrived. And if you’re thinking “cold shower,” think again. Spas nationwide are hot to develop creative, intriguing ways to cool off their treatments. Like the Ice Fountain at The Spa at Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong. In what can only be described as a human-sized ice machine, this sublimely fresh setup features crushed ice in the basin of the spa, inviting spa-goers to lather their skin with coolness in between heat treatments. Hot-and-cold stone massages are another burgeoning cold spa treatment. Alternating between the hot and cold stones invigorates the skin, promoting greater health effects than a hot stone massage alone by allowing the body to receive more oxygen and nutrients via the temperature change. Warm and cold facials, jet water treatments (where the body is sprayed with alternating bursts of hot and cold water), cold plunge pools, and even iced towels are popping up on spa menus everywhere, as the incredible health benefits of cold spa treatments continue to come to light.

But as hot as cold spa treatments have become, some (especially the chronically freezing among us) may not warm up to such chilly services with such vigor. If so, consider this: heat, medicine’s long-standing answer to relaxation and healing, has such positive health effects, that it only makes sense that its complement – cold – has equal benefits with a different twist. Cold is invigorating, flushing the organs and energizing the body, providing a unique, stimulating effect that heat cannot match.

Cold therapies are great to try at a spa, but are also easy to incorporate at home. Simply sit in a warm bath or steam shower, followed by a 10 second cold water shower. You’ll be amazed at how exhilarating it feels. Just remember: never start a cold water treatment, at home or not, on a cold body. Always warm your skin first to stimulate the blood vessels. And remember: chill out!

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