Breathe Easy: Steam Therapy for Sinuses

Cold Season

Cold and Flu Season

It’s official – we are deep into the dreaded winter cold & flu season. Contracting a seasonal illness can result in what feels like endless bouts of sneezing, coughing and sinus congestion. Perhaps more than any other symptom, it’s clogged sinuses, resulting in the inability to properly breathe – and subsequently sinus headaches – that make our lives most miserable. With severe colds & flus sometimes taking weeks from which to fully recover, it can amount to long and uncomfortable stretches of anguish and suffering.

For some, the first choice of remedies is over-the-counter medications from the drug store. But much research has suggested that such medicines only mask and suppress symptoms, and some would argue that they contain too many ingredients that could potentially be harmful to the body. If antibiotics are required, visiting the doctor is a good option, though there still can be a lengthy recovery time with such medications, and not everyone is comfortable taking them. Drinking plenty of fluids, popping vitamins and taking herbs like Echinacea and Goldenseal can help shorten the duration of the illness, but they do not directly provide immediate relief for those stuffy, nagging sinuses.

Steam therapy on the other hand has long been thought to provide relief to clogged sinuses. It has been used for thousands of years to thin mucus (gross, but true) and increase circulation throughout the nasal cavity. Just 15 minutes of breathing in steam a few times a day can safely and effectively do wonders for your sinus congestion, and potentially reduce the severity and duration of your illness. Partaking in aromatherapy by adding essential oils to the steam process, like eucalyptus, rosemary or lavender, can significantly help to boost the effectiveness of the treatment.

Best of all, gone are the days of having to boil hot water in a pot and hold your head over it with a towel in order to inhale the steam. No reason to risk scalding yourself since there are products like ThermaSol’s steam shower generators. Boasting features like FastStart™ steam in seconds, and providing constant steam at a constant rate, a ThermaSol steam generator will provide you with a safe, professional quality steam experience. There’s no doubt that in the throes of winter cold & flu season, incorporating steam therapy into your daily regimen can go a long way towards helping you breathe easy and be well.

The above comments and statements about steam therapy have not been medically evaluated. You should consult your physician before beginning any such therapies.

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