Wellness Tourism: A Travel (and Spa) Revolution

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Wellness Tourism

There are any number of reasons why over the last several decades, many people have been taking vacations with intentions other than hitting the beach, exploring a new city or engaging in some other traditional travel activity. The travel revolution known as wellness tourism is one of the primary reasons. So what exactly is this type of tourism?

Wellness tourism can encompass many things; among them spa treatments, healthy culinary adventures, physical activity like hiking or yoga, and inspirational retreats and activities that expand the mind. The term also includes preventive health services, diagnostics and stem-cell banking. It can even mean getting dental work, plastic surgery and other medical procedures. Wellness tourism is about achieving and maintaining optimal health and an overall sense of well-being. It’s ultimately an opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and restore. So why are people utilizing their vacation time to engage in such activities?

In many countries, thanks to government, insurance and medical industry corporations, the cost of receiving health care has become prohibitively expensive. As a result there are a growing number of people who realize practicing illness and disease prevention is not only more cost-effective, but simply a better way to live life. In addition, there is an overall increase in awareness about physical and mental health, and having a few days, weeks, or more off from work is the best and maybe only opportunity to truly immerse themselves in something healthy and positive.

For those who live in a country like the U.S., heading south of the border, to the Far East, or other foreign destinations can open up a world of treatment or procedure opportunities at a fraction of the cost. In China for example, there are some spas where you can get a 60 minute massage for about US $15. If you spend some time looking around, there are spas where you can bargain and get massages and other therapies done even cheaper.

Wellness tourism is truly a revolutionary trend in travel that is only going to become more popular with each passing year. As a result, it’s going to drive more business to spas and other places that offer treatments and procedures that enhance well-being. As people continue to take pause from life to restore their health to its fullest – realizing that it’s the very best thing they can do for themselves – they will become better people and the world will become a more productive place because of them.

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