10 Celebs Most in Need of a Day at the Spa

Another year has drawn to a close and as always, another batch of celebrities has proven that the rigors of stardom, career and family life can take their toll on the fragile body, mind and soul. While the following list is by no means complete, it does reflect a breadth and depth of celebrities who could greatly benefit from the wonders of spa treatments. For thousands of years, going back to the times of Julius Caesar, spa treatments have rejuvenated celebrities so that they could once again shine in the spotlight and bring their talents to the masses. Today, the timelessness of such treatments have endured and the spa is more relevant than ever. So without further adieu, here is the official Talk Spas list of Top 10 Celebrities Most in Need of a Day at the Spa:

10) Julian Assange


julian assange

Poor Julian Assange. All he did was release top secret documents through his WikiLeaks that threatened to compromise the perceived “integrity” of governments and organizations all over the world. How will he ever get out of hot water? (suggested treatment: Cold stone massage)

9) Lindsay Lohan

lindsay lohan

2010 was a lot like 2009, 2008, and 2007 for Ms. Lohan. Lots of partying and lots of trouble. But 2011 is a new year; one that could prove to be the best party year this tired little starlet has ever had, provided her body is rejuvenated to its fullest potential. (suggested treatment: Thai massage)

8) Entire cast of Celebrity Rehab

eric roberts

Credit: VH1

There are few things more difficult in life than watching Eric Roberts break down and cry like a little boy. One of them is to actually be Eric Roberts, breaking down and crying like a little boy. The same goes for Janice Dickenson, Gummi Bear and the rest of the cast. (suggested treatment: Vinotherapy? No. Sea salt scrub)

7) Eva Longoria

eva longoria

Hey Tony Parker, haven’t you heard the old saying “cheaters never win”? Well we think Eva Longoria is the winner in this busted relationship and she deserves to pamper herself and forget all about you. (suggested treatment: French manicure)

6) Charlie Sheen

charlie sheen

We hate to say it Charlie, but the drinking has taken a toll on more than just your liver. You’re looking aged beyond your years, but all hope is not lost. (suggested treatment: Botox)

5) Lebron James

LeBron James

Credit: ESPN

Sure you stirred up a tornado of controversy when you bailed on your old team. The stress must have been crippling. But look at you now – you’re on your way to taking the Miami Heat to the Promised Land. You deserve to kick back for a second, recharge your batteries, and prepare for the inevitable final showdown with the Lakers. (suggested treatment: Mineral spring bath)

4) Kim Jong-il

kim jong il

Anything we can do to keep Kim-Jong from attacking South Korea and nuking the entire world would probably be a good thing. Let’s start with a relaxing spa treatment. (suggested treatment: Hot stone massage)

3) Brett Favre

Brett Favre

You came back from retirement so you could stave off boredom a few more years and prove that you weren’t over the hill. Instead you embarrassed yourself both personally and professionally. Brett, it’s time to take a breather. (suggested treatment: Thermasol steam bath)

2) President Obama

president obama

Any time a new president enters office, it never fails to get mentioned how much more rapidly presidents age than the rest of the world population. President Obama, you are no exception. (suggested treatment: Seaweed facial)

1) Mel Gibson

mel gibson

Your colossal, recorded meltdown, including a potty mouth that would shock even the most veteran sailors and truck drivers, was the most entertaining story of the year. For that, you deserve a massage. (suggested treatment: Snake massage)

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