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Bathrooms to Become More Spa-Like in 2010

Friday, February 5th, 2010
Spa Like Bathrooms

Spa Like Bathroom

According to the Star Gazette’s Home trends for 2010 article, they are reporting that they are continuing to see the trend of bathrooms becoming more spa-like, continuing through the 2010. This reinforces our own reports on home spas, and how we see this trend continues to become more popular (see home spa blog posts here).

We have also seen a return to a more “comfortable style” which is a broader topic and also very evident, nothing is more comfortable than a home spa if you ask us! The Star Gazette article goes on to say:

“The transformation of bathrooms into spas, complete with whirlpools and multiple body sprays in the shower, will continue next year. ‘We want to bring that spa feeling into the bathroom,’ says Tammy Altilio, co-owner of Kitchen & Bath Gallery in Horseheads. ‘That’s the way people want to enjoy the space in a relaxed environment.’  Glass tiles are a popular decorating accent in the bathroom, especially in hues of blues and greens. For the rest of the bathroom, Altilio says lighter colors will predominate next year as darker hues will make the room seem smaller.”

Some of the best ways to turn a bathroom into a luxurious home spa include installing a steam shower, whirlpool tub, sauna as well as using materials such as quartz, tile, colored glass and acrylic. We are sure we will see many more spa-like bathroom designs in the coming months as this trends continues to expand.

Top 5 Spa Resources

Thursday, February 4th, 2010

Here is a short list of the top 5 spa resources we’ve found that will help spa owners and spa goers alike find the right treatments, products, services, research findings, jobs, information and more! If you ever have a question about anything spa related and we don’t have the answer, one of these websites will!

  • International Spa Association – This organization is a great source of information for people in the spa industry, as well as for people that are looking to get into the spa industry. This organization has been online since 1991, and has been recognized worldwide as the professional organization and voice of the spa industry. On their website a few of the very valuable features include the ISPA Job Bank where you can search for job openings or list your own; ISPA Conference & Expo; Spa Industry Events; Education & Resources and more. We love the research and reports that ISPA puts out about the industry and read and write about them often.
International Spa Association

International Spa Association

  • Spa Finder – This global spa resource and spa finder works hand in hand with thousands of spas across the country to gather information about specific spas including their rates, reviews, amenities and more. This information proves to be a very valuable resource for those looking for a specific spa experience. You can find spas, spa deals, buy gift certificates and even book your spa treatment through this website. They also have a very good blog that they update as often as we update our own, so definitely check it out as well.
Spa Finder

Spa Finder

  • Wahanda – Wahanda is a website that focuses on health, beauty and happiness. The site is the equivalent of a social network, Etsy style superstore, global directory and article library all rolled into one. They have a large emphasis on spas and categorize their spas into these sub-categories: day spas, destination spas, medical spas, dental spas and mobile spas. As with spa finder there are a vast amount of reviews on Wahanda, but their reviews also include product reviews and even allow their members to upload their own pictures of the spa, treatment or product being discussed.
Wahanda Spa Social Network

Wahanda Spa Social Network

  • SpaWeek – Many of you will already be familiar with Spa Week as it is a major event that is held twice a year and works with spas across the country to offer spa-goers a deal on all spa treatments from participating spas with a flat rate of $50 per treatment. Since its conception in 2003 SpaWeek has grown immensely in attendance with its new found popularity. The website now offers a variety spa deals, gift cards, contests & giveaways, Spadcasts, a spa directory, a blog and even a bridal section. Recently SpaWeek has really stepped up their giveaways and have been sending out a lot more free stuff to their members other websites or spa organizations.
Spa Week

Spa Week

  • Spa Magazine – Spa Magazine is the leading print magazine for spa-enthusiasts and spa industry members alike. With excellent editorials and a circulation of over 100k, this is a great spa resource. The Spa Magazine website offers a wealth of well written articles, as well as other spa resources such as a spa finder, spa basics resource, spa contests and even spa recipes.
Spa Magazine

Spa Magazine

Aromatherapy Corner – Why Choose Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010
Therapeutic Grade Oils

Therapeutic Grade Oils from Provence, France

Most essential oils on the marketplace are traded through distributors or brokers and pass through many hands before reaching a retail store. These oils are often adulterated with substances that “boost” or “extend” one or more of the fragrant properties in the oil. One liter of pure, organic Lavender is sold for around $300. On the other hand, a liter of synthetic or adulterated oil is sold from $10 to $60. One can see why boosting and extending a true oil to increase profit margins might be a seductive choice.  Adulterated oils can also cause short term side effects such as rashes, burning or other irritations. It is unknown what long term effects synthetically treated oils have on human physiology.  In short, use only pure therapeutic grade essential oils, shipped directly from the producers that grow and distill them organically.

For a variety of Therapeutic Grade aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

ThermaSol Releases Series of Informational Videos Featuring “Sol”

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010

We just saw this new series of Sol videos showing exactly how ThermaSol steam showers are different than other brands’ products. Very interesting and entertaining videos with great information!

Take a look:

Steam Shower Sizing

Steam Shower Warranties

Steam Shower Smart Steam

Steam Shower Digital Technology

Steam Shower PowerFlush

Aromatherapy Corner – The importance of organic

Monday, February 1st, 2010
Organic Essential Oils

Organic Essential Oils

Plants make essential oils to protect themselves from pests, bacteria and environmental stress. By carefully distilling plants like lavender (it takes about one tone of lavender plants to produce only four liters of essential oil!), we can use their healing oils for our own ailments. But if you spray a plant like lavender with pesticides and herbicides, the lavender will not produce its own natural healing chemicals, because the pesticides are doing that job for the plant.  It is also common to find adulterated essential oils in the market place. Adulterated or synthetic oils can cause short-term side effects like rashes, burning or other irritations. When an essential oil is labeled organic, this certification ensures that the plants were farmed, harvested, distilled and distributed according to organic methods.  So it is very important that we choose organic essential oils when we are using them for their therapeutic qualities. I suggest looking to reputable health food stores and cooperatives. Ask the folks who work there if the essential oils they offer are certified organic, and if the essential oil company sources its oils directly from the distilleries where they were made.  You’ll find that essential oils are like fine wines. It may take a while for your nose to recognize a great lavender or roman chamomile. But have patience, because learning to care for yourself with natural healing and beauty products is a self-empowering gift.

For a wide selection of 100% organic aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

Aromatherapy Corner – A pocket-sized first aid kit

Friday, January 29th, 2010
Lavender Field

Lavender Field

The Latin root of “lavender,” lavare, means “to clean” or “wash oneself.” Historically used to fight plague and other pestilence, this powerful essential oil is also gentle enough to be applied “neat”, or undiluted, directly on the skin.

Lavender oil is considered to be the panacea of aromatherapy. Keeping a bottle of lavender in your home pharmacy, car or workplace is a must. Because it is used for so many different kinds of ailments, it makes a perfect pocket-sized first aid kit. Pur, therapeutic-grade, organic lavender oil can be used to treat burns, sunburns, cuts, scrapes, insect bites and acne amongst many other applications. It provides fast, soothing relief upon contact. Lavender’s sweet smell is only a secondary benefit!

There are dozens of essential oils that can be used for many treatments. Some favorites of mine are peppermint for nausea, headaches and mental clarity; helichrysum italicum for bruising, swelling, sprains and strains (a great post-workout treatment); Roman chamomile for its anti-spasmodic action; blue chamomile for its anti-inflammatory effects; and tea tree for its strong anti-microbial effects on pimples, athlete’s foot and dandruff.

For a wide selection of aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

State of the Spa Address

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Rejuvinating in the Spa

Rejuvenating in the Spa

To all our Talk Spas readers; we are here today to address the spa fanatics, members of the spa industry as well as the home spa enthusiasts of the world to let you know that the spa is here to stay. In the past year we may have not seen the spa industry or the number of home spa projects grow in number, but we did see the diversity in services and product offerings expand to a new high. Out of nowhere new markets have become much larger than before for the spa industry, including Medical Spas, Pet Spas, Teen Spas and even Baby Spas. In the past year, outrageous, amazing and extremely expensive spa treatments had their day in the limelight, while more custom, personal and home based spa services have continued to increase in popularity.

Las Vegas continues to be a hotbed for amazing new spas and more and more people are now using the quality of the spa amenities to choose their next resort or cruise vacation. While destination spas are still very popular, the home spa and more specifically the inclusion of a luxury steam shower with advanced technological systems continue to increase home values in these tough times.

Make no doubt that times are still tough for the spa industry as we have seen many close their doors and go bankrupt, but be clear that the surviving day spas, spa product manufacturers and resorts will come out of this downturn stronger than ever before. People across the world are beginning to re-discover how and why it is so important to treat your mind and body to spa treatments that provide relaxation that ultimately improves your overall health and well being. We can assure you that even if the tough times are not yet behind us, the light is visible at the end of the tunnel, and the light will please your senses and rejuvenate your body and soul.

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Aromatherapy Corner – Discovering the Power of Oils

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010
Aromatherapy Oil

Aromatherapy Oil

The word “aromatherapy” was originally coined by the French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse in 1920. In a laboratory accident, Gattefosse set his arm on fire and immediately thrust it into the nearest vat of cold liquid, which happened to be lavender oil. Instantly he felt soothing relief and watched as the burn continued to heal quickly, with no inflammation or scarring. The profound healing benefits led him to a lifetime of research in a field that he termed “aromatherapy”.

As a clinical herbalist and aromatherapist, I have seen the profound healing effects of essential oils in my 15 years of practice. Therapeutic-grade essential oils can work to heal common ailments where other medications fail. Essential oil blends can be used to treat many conditions, without the side effects that synthetic chemicals may cause. They work quickly and effectively to soothe pain and inflammation.

For a wide selection of aromatherapy essential oils, precious reserve oils and hydrosols visit the TheramSol aromatherapy store at

State-of-the-Art Steam

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

State-of-the-art Steam

Steam Shower ControlGone are the days of dial-up and black and white television. Consumers have moved on to the faster, more efficient, and more effective ways of the digital age where modern acronyms like HDTV and DSL are household names. Today, all parts of the living space are getting technological makeovers. ThermaSol is ahead of the curve in the bathroom with the only 100% digital Steam Shower System available on the market today. The upgrade wasn’t easy, and ThermaSol dedicated three years of intense engineering to revamp the products in their steam program; bringing every aspect of their Steam Shower to the digital era by incorporating 100% solid-state digital technology.

Steam ShowerAll other steam bath manufacturers use the decades-old analog technology. Analog steam shower systems operate via a unidirectional analog command where an electronic pulse is sent through telephone-style cables to the generator in order to command functions. Any added features like a music-system or lights must be run independently of an analog steam unit and requires an extra cable or cables. With no communication network in place to verify what the specific pulse is, the opportunities for error are endless. The system is also susceptible to uncontrollable influences like voltage spikes or lightning. This can cause the generator to activate and run; which can cause the destruction of a home’s interior and more.

ThermaSol’s 100% digital Steam Shower System provides the only networked system that contains 100% digital communication technology. Everything connected receives and transmits information to ensure that there are no reading errors as to what the command is. Expandability is also easy; features like the Serenity Light & Music System, and the Easy Start Control can be added by simply plugging them into the equipment, and will be detected by the controls to operate accordingly. With a ThermaSol 100% digital Steam Shower System, the bath is an oasis where luxury incorporates the most advanced technology; insuring reliability, convenience and safety.

Is it a Good Time for a Bathroom Remodel?

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

Believe it or not, now might actually be a good time for upgrading your master bathroom and creating a luxurious oasis in your home. The obvious reason that this is a good idea is because if you do it now, then you will be able to enjoy your new bathroom for years to come. If you do it today you will get more enjoyment out of it than if you did it next year.

A less obvious reason is that a mid-range to high-end bathroom remodel projects might just be a great place for investment in your home if you are looking to improve the resale value. Although Remodel Magazine is predicting in their Cost vs. Value Report for 2009-2010 that the value of remodeling a bathroom will not recoup as much of the costs as other renovations, even they admit that despite falling home prices pushing the value of remodeling investments down for the fourth consecutive year, small-scale projects and replacements may be leading the way to recovery.

For a full mid-range or high-end bathroom remodel  you are likely to recoup around 75% of the job’s cost if you hire an architect or designer and let the professionals handle the entire project. That’s pretty good for a more-or-less hassle free remodel, considering the enjoyment you’ll receive from having a magnificent new bathroom will surely be worth the 25% of the costs. If you do the work yourself your costs may be decreased, but you may not recoup as much of  the work done as you would if a professional had handled the job.

It is also interesting to note that just a year ago the remodel of an upscale bathroom was on an upward trend, despite the housing crisis. We think that in the next year or two buyers will really be analyzing the enjoyment and the carbon footprint that a house brings, valuing these criteria much higher than just the typical luxury renovations.

Upscale Project Projections

Upscale Project Projections

The enjoyment that one receives from a spa-like bathroom continues to gain in popularity as spas and spa services continue to spread to new markets. A more luxurious bathroom is definitely a major selling point in homes today, and we see this trend continuing as people not only want luxury in their homes, but they also want to pamper themselves at home.

One way people are increasing the value of their homes, while creating their own home spa is by installing a luxury steam shower during their remodel. In a recent episode of the HGTV show “Bang for your Buck” a homeowner blew the designer away with his new luxury steam shower, complete with ThermaSol’s Serenity Light & Music system. (You can view the HD Video here).

Bang for your buck video

Bang for your buck video

One thing to consider before you decide on turning your average bathroom into a magnificent home spa is whether or not you really want to spend the money on this renovation. A typical, mid-range bathroom remodel will cost you around $17,000, while a high end bathroom remodel will be closer to $50,000. You will also need to look closely at your house and make sure that there’s nothing else more urgent that could use this investment. It doesn’t make any sense to spend this kind of money on a bathroom remodel if you are going to need a new boiler or roof in the next few years. Lastly, no one knows exactly what is going to happen in the housing market in the future, so your guess is as good as anyone’s. That being said, if you plan to spend at least the next 5-10 years in your home, have the money and don’t have any other urgent projects that need to be completed why not treat yourself to a luxurious home spa remodel!

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