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When most people think of Bulgaria, one of the first things that come to mind is, well, nothing. Bulgaria, unlike titans-of-tourism Italy, France and Greece, is not on the radar of most travelers. How unfortunate it is, being that this Eastern European country is in fact a gem; incredible beaches, uncrowded ski resorts, delectable cuisine and expertly cultivated wines all characterize the nation. Maybe even more surprising to some is the country’s standing as one of the most inviting, and comprehensive, spa and wellness regions in all of Europe.

With over 800 springs varying in chemical compositions and boasting a multitude of healing minerals, curative mud and clay sources gaining their disease-curing properties from the Black Sea, and a climate that facilitates the growth of a plethora of meditative herbs, Bulgaria is undoubtedly one of the premier spa destinations in the world. The country’s history as a healing center dates back to ancient times when the Romans established spa centers in cities including Sofia, Sandanski and Kyustendil. In fact, the Emperor Maximilianus visited Bulgaria simply so he could bathe in a spring and treat his rheumatic disorder.

Today, Bulgaria’s favorable climate and natural beauty help to boost it as an alluring spa destination. Mild temperatures, ozone-rich air, picturesque mountains and a plethora of waterfalls are among the country’s assets. As a result, unique spa therapies that incorporate hydrothermal, bioclimatic and sea cure treatments are not only possible, but have been refined and made available to even the most spa-weary visitor who has seen and done it all. Visitors to Bulgarian spas leave feeling refreshed and energized, and those who are new to the Bulgarian spa world undoubtedly feel like they have come away with an experience they’ve never had before.

To further entice potential spa visitors to Bulgaria, it should be noted that the country has come a long way from the days of communist, state-run wineries, to offer impeccable wines that are much more reminiscent of the ones first recorded by the Greek epic poet, Homer. Like other more notable wine-producing countries in Europe, wine-making is truly ingrained in the national psyche of Bulgaria and as a result, it is one of the country’s premier draws. As any spa visitor knows, a good glass of wine before, during or after a spa treatment can significantly enhance the experience and leave one feeling in an even deeper state of relaxation.

Bulgaria is still enjoying its status as an off-the-beaten path destination, with incredible offerings for travelers, spa and otherwise. But with rapidly shifting trends in travel, and spa adventurers desiring to seek out new destinations, such a low-key status is bound to not last for long. Though we don’t get paid to say it, now is the time to go bathe in Bulgaria.

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