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5 Reasons to Take a Steam Shower

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Steam Shower with Rain & Tile

Here are five reason why you might want to consider taking a relaxing steam shower today:

1) You’ll Look Better

Are there any people in the world who don’t wish they looked better? If there are, we don’t know them. Restoring vibrant complexion to your skin has never been easier than with a 20 to 30 minute foray into the steam shower. Steam penetrates the skin and opens up the pores, releasing dirt and grime and leaving you looking healthy and shiny. Take a steam bath once a day for two weeks any you’ll look so good that friends will be begging to know what your secret is.

2) You’ll Feel Good

When you really think about it, it’s pretty amazing the amount of abuse we put our bodies and minds through. We work too many hours, we strain our bodies and we ingest foods and drinks that do not facilitate optimal health. In a nutshell, we leave ourselves feeling depleted, unmotivated and lifeless. Entering a steam shower is the ultimate way to rejuvenate after an unforgiving day. It not only detoxifies you, but melts away your stress so you can feel good and emerge with a calm, renewed perspective.

3) You’ll Sleep Well

It’s a fact: poor sleep is linked to a myriad of health problems and can even lead to brain damage. People with stressful lives and pent up stress and anxiety can have trouble falling asleep and/or experience overall poor sleep quality. Rather than take potentially harmful medications that force you to rest, why not take a gentle, natural steam shower? Steam creates warmth in the body, which leads to a state of natural relaxation. A steam shower 15 minute before bed time can work wonders, allowing you to get a full night of deep rest.

4) You’ll Be On Your Way to Forming a Good Habit

How do you form a good habit? Make a concerted effort to do something every day for two weeks and it will then become an automated habit. Steam showering is not just something you do when you’re desperate for relaxation or stress relief; it’s a commitment and a lifestyle that brings long lasting health when engaged in regularly. So take your steam shower today, remember to do it tomorrow and the day after, and you’ll experience a whole new level of well being.

5) The World Could End at Any Moment

Scientists with the Russian space program are estimating the asteroid Apophis will collide with Earth in April of 2036. The ancient Mayans predicted that December 12, 2012 will be the end of the Earth. For all we know, there could be a doomsday prophecy that predicts tomorrow is the last day of civilization. We hate to be so pessimistic, but if you don’t take a steam shower today, you may never get another chance.

The above comments and statements about steam therapy have not been medically evaluated. You should always consult your physician before beginning any such therapies. The above comments about the world ending have also not been evaluated.

CineSpa: Movies, Mayhem & Massage

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

There are any number of reasons why Hollywood has chosen to incorporate spa treatments, such as saunas and massages, into feature films; enticing audiences by showing actors in a state of undress, revealing their vulnerability, or simply conveying luxury and pampering are but a few. Scenes of spa-like activity have been written into hundreds, if not thousands of films, ranging from action and drama to comedy and horror. Such repetition of its use is a testament to the timeless power of the spa, its firmly ingrained place in the American movie-going psyche, and further proof that Hollywood screenwriters are fresh out of original ideas.

Though we’ve found a few titles you might recognize that incorporate spas and massage, this is by no means a critical review or an endorsement for you to spend your valuable time watching them (hello, Hostel: Part II?).

Thunderball (1965):


Credit: IMDB

Perhaps there is no character in movie history that more fittingly deserves a spa treatment than “Bond, James Bond.” After all, an international playboy and MI6 operative needs to unwind after a hard night of drinking, gambling, womanizing and killing. In Thunderball, Bond drags a lovely lass off into a steam room and makes love to her. Later that night in a private room, Bond, wearing nothing but a towel, gets a massage from her mink-gloved hand. Good for them that PETA wasn’t founded until 1980.


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