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Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

There are any number of reasons why Hollywood has chosen to incorporate spa treatments, such as saunas and massages, into feature films; enticing audiences by showing actors in a state of undress, revealing their vulnerability, or simply conveying luxury and pampering are but a few. Scenes of spa-like activity have been written into hundreds, if not thousands of films, ranging from action and drama to comedy and horror. Such repetition of its use is a testament to the timeless power of the spa, its firmly ingrained place in the American movie-going psyche, and further proof that Hollywood screenwriters are fresh out of original ideas.

Though we’ve found a few titles you might recognize that incorporate spas and massage, this is by no means a critical review or an endorsement for you to spend your valuable time watching them (hello, Hostel: Part II?).

Thunderball (1965):


Credit: IMDB

Perhaps there is no character in movie history that more fittingly deserves a spa treatment than “Bond, James Bond.” After all, an international playboy and MI6 operative needs to unwind after a hard night of drinking, gambling, womanizing and killing. In Thunderball, Bond drags a lovely lass off into a steam room and makes love to her. Later that night in a private room, Bond, wearing nothing but a towel, gets a massage from her mink-gloved hand. Good for them that PETA wasn’t founded until 1980.


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