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Top 10 Spa Don’ts

Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011


Like a fine cigar lounge or a posh country club, a quality spa requires that you adhere to proper etiquette. This ensures that you, your therapist and other patrons are comfortable at all times during your visit. To get you started, the following is a list of things you should never do at the spa:

10. Bring children and leave them unattended.
9. Skip your daily (we hope) shower before arrival.
8. Forget to tell your therapist about any product allergies you may have.
7. Talk loudly in public spaces.
6. Expect a sensual experience when you’re there for a therapeutic massage.
5. Wear heavy perfumes, deodorants or other fragrances.
4. Freak out when asked to take your clothes off.
3. Skip out on your appointment without calling.
2. Show up drunk. You’d be surprised how many do…
1. Leave your appointment without paying a proper gratuity.

Spa Trend: Take a “Man-cation”, Save Your Life

Monday, March 21st, 2011



Here are a few facts for you: American men are routinely overwhelmed by stress – even more so than women. Men experience coronary artery disease 15 to 20 years before women, and twice as many men will die from it than women. Even beginning in the womb, the male fetus is at greater risk of death or damage from all sorts of awful obstetric dangers that can occur before birth.

So what can men do to bring some peace into their lives and reduce their dangerous stress levels? They can take a man-cation. A man-cation, as it sounds, is the act of a man going on a unique vacation that distances him from the pressures of daily life that build up and potentially bring him fatal harm. While a vacation may take him to Vegas or a golfing resort, a man-cation takes him somewhere far more tranquil and healing. And why shouldn’t a man treat himself to such relaxation? Historically, women have been hitting the spa to pamper themselves and relax; with the proven results they have been achieving, it’s time that more men follow their lead into the world of healing therapies. Massage and other relaxing body treatments are ideal for men with high stress levels, tension and anxiety. Just a half hour of undergoing stress and tension reducing treatments can significantly reduce a man’s chances of experiencing a heart attack.

We all know that some men are reluctant to go to the spa fearing that their masculinity is at stake, but when the benefits of doing so are so great, a man-cation to the spa is the only way to go.

The above statements about spas have not been medically evaluated. Always consult your physician before undergoing any spa treatments.

Steam for Sheen: Winning Spa Treatment for an Actor on the Edge

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

charlie_sheenActor Charlie Sheen, a three-time Emmy nominee, winner of a Bronze Wrangler Award in 1989 for Young Guns, and coiner of the popular phrase “winning”, has been getting plenty of press lately after his departure from hit show Two and a Half Men, and for waging a personal war against the show’s creator.

While there has been widespread speculation that substance abuse is involved in facilitating the actor’s seemingly disturbed and blatantly outrageous behavior, there is one thing that we know for sure: the man is tired and stressed. There is no doubt in our minds that Sheen could benefit from a relaxing steam shower. Just a half hour could do wonders, softening his edge, relaxing his mind, not to mention his tense muscles and clenched jaw. The shower itself would give him an opportunity to enter a place of tranquility and leave the loud and distracting world behind – if only for a brief time. Emerging with a renewed sense of calm, tiger blood gently pumping though his veins, Sheen could then face his detractors and competitors with a fresh perspective.

There’s no doubt that steam and Sheen is a winning combination.

goddess enjoying a steam shower

A goddess enjoying a steam shower

The above comments and statements about steam therapy have not been medically evaluated. You should always consult your physician before beginning any such therapies.

Steam with Me

Monday, March 14th, 2011

Welcome to the 1st Annual “Steam with Me” Poll – the poll that challenges you to ask yourself, “Which celebrity would I most like to take a steam shower with?”

Sometimes, after a particularly long day, there’s nothing better than entering a steam shower by yourself and allowing its powerful effects to melt your stress and anxiety away. Other times, you just want some good company – to take the heat to the next level.

After careful research, including algorithmic analysis of “trending” celebrities, we have narrowed down your steam partner choices to 10 intriguing individuals who defy the easy and obvious choices of the usual go-to celebs:

Which celebrity would you most like to take a steam shower with?

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Spa of Rock: Iconic Band Pearl Jam Inspires Spa Treatments

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011
Pearl Jam in concert

Pearl Jam

When something’s broke, I want to put a little fixin’ on it / If something’s bored, I want to put a little exciting on it – Pearl Jam, lyrics from The Fixer

They are among the most influential American rock bands to emerge out of the dynamic Seattle music scene of the early 1990’s. Their list of accolades, including albums that have gone platinum and prestigious awards like Grammys that have been won, are innumerable. Their enigmatic lead singer, Eddie Vedder, has been hailed as one of the greatest rock singers of all time and has garnered the praise of music legends such as Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend and Bono. The band’s activism and support of worthwhile organizations such as Vote for Change, Surfrider Foundation and Free the West Memphis Three is nothing short of admirable. Now the iconic band, Pearl Jam, has done what few (if any) other rock bands ever have: they’ve inspired healing spa treatments with songs off their 2009 album, Backspacer.

Goldenfish Bodyworks logo
Golden Fish Bodyworks, based out of Seattle, has two treatments in their spa offerings inspired by and named after the Pearl Jam songs The Fixer and Amongst the WavesThe Fixer, as one Pearl Jam fan puts it, is about “how one must have balance in life and how one’s energy must resonate with the energy of the universe in order to live a life with complete inner peace.” Golden Fish’s treatment of the same name combines massage and bodywork with energy based healing techniques. The treatment begins with a tea and foot bath to cleanse and nourish. Then through the Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, negative energy is channeled into a creative outcome. An extensive, 90 minute tension reducing massage follows and to top it off, you get a personalized meditation to incorporate new truths into your being.


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