Spa of Rock: Iconic Band Pearl Jam Inspires Spa Treatments

Pearl Jam in concert

Pearl Jam

When something’s broke, I want to put a little fixin’ on it / If something’s bored, I want to put a little exciting on it – Pearl Jam, lyrics from The Fixer

They are among the most influential American rock bands to emerge out of the dynamic Seattle music scene of the early 1990’s. Their list of accolades, including albums that have gone platinum and prestigious awards like Grammys that have been won, are innumerable. Their enigmatic lead singer, Eddie Vedder, has been hailed as one of the greatest rock singers of all time and has garnered the praise of music legends such as Neil Young, Mick Jagger, Pete Townsend and Bono. The band’s activism and support of worthwhile organizations such as Vote for Change, Surfrider Foundation and Free the West Memphis Three is nothing short of admirable. Now the iconic band, Pearl Jam, has done what few (if any) other rock bands ever have: they’ve inspired healing spa treatments with songs off their 2009 album, Backspacer.

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Golden Fish Bodyworks, based out of Seattle, has two treatments in their spa offerings inspired by and named after the Pearl Jam songs The Fixer and Amongst the WavesThe Fixer, as one Pearl Jam fan puts it, is about “how one must have balance in life and how one’s energy must resonate with the energy of the universe in order to live a life with complete inner peace.” Golden Fish’s treatment of the same name combines massage and bodywork with energy based healing techniques. The treatment begins with a tea and foot bath to cleanse and nourish. Then through the Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, negative energy is channeled into a creative outcome. An extensive, 90 minute tension reducing massage follows and to top it off, you get a personalized meditation to incorporate new truths into your being.

Pearl Jam’s latest in a long line of ocean inspired songs, Amongst the Waves, also makes for an eponymously named and relaxing treatment. Begin the healing with a thalassotherapy seaweed and salt foot bath with reflexology massage and scrub. Then enjoy the aroma of burning sage as you sip Medicinal Mushroom Tea harvested from mushrooms grown on Seattle’s own Capitol Hill. You’ll enjoy a 90 minute massage with essential oils, hot stones and towels that will as the song goes, leave you feeling like you “have a soul that has been saved.”

Where did the inspiration for such rockin’ treatments come from? Just ask Elizabeth Tomicki LMP, Owner of Golden Fish Bodyworks. “Back in the early 90’s, when I felt the much needed wave of Pearl Jam’s music come along, I took the universal hand they extended and vowed to play my part,” said Tomicki. “Since then, alongside the band in the great ocean of this universe of ours, I’ve been learning to swim and surf instead of drown. Their music has been an intense healer and mightily influential for me, and it was an organic unfolding to use their songs to inspire the healing aspects of the treatments I’ve designed. It’s also a way I can share my love for their talent and pay tribute to them.”

It may come as a surprise that Pearl Jam has inspired body treatments – to some they are simply regarded as “a 90’s band” that kind of dropped off the radar of the mainstream music scene. To an extent, the band intentionally pulled back and reduced their exposure through traditional outlets like MTV and award show appearances and performances. But anyone who has been really paying attention to Pearl Jam over the course of their lengthy career knows that they are still making amazing music, selling out stadiums across the world, and maintain the most diehard fans of any band out there today. 2011 is in fact a special year for Pearl Jam – it’s their 20-year anniversary together as a band. To celebrate, the band is offering special re-releases of select albums, debuting a documentary about the history of the band directed by Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous), and organizing a late summer “destination weekend” where there will no doubt be ample opportunities to hear live, the songs that inspired The Fixer and Amongst the Waves spa treatments.

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