Top 10 Spa Don’ts


Like a fine cigar lounge or a posh country club, a quality spa requires that you adhere to proper etiquette. This ensures that you, your therapist and other patrons are comfortable at all times during your visit. To get you started, the following is a list of things you should never do at the spa:

10. Bring children and leave them unattended.
9. Skip your daily (we hope) shower before arrival.
8. Forget to tell your therapist about any product allergies you may have.
7. Talk loudly in public spaces.
6. Expect a sensual experience when you’re there for a therapeutic massage.
5. Wear heavy perfumes, deodorants or other fragrances.
4. Freak out when asked to take your clothes off.
3. Skip out on your appointment without calling.
2. Show up drunk. You’d be surprised how many do…
1. Leave your appointment without paying a proper gratuity.

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