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Snake Sensations

Monday, April 4th, 2011


It may sound like a scene out of an Indiana Jones flick, but being covered in snakes is an unorthodox new spa treatment that pushes the boundaries of what constitutes as a “relaxing” experience.

Thanks to an innovative spa in Israel, what amounts to many people’s biggest fear can actually provide therapeutic benefits. Snake massages have intrigued patrons after first being introduced in Ada Barak’s spa in Northern Israel. That’s right – non-venomous snakes are placed over one’s bare back and stomach to slither around, causing a deep kneading massage that many clients have describe as “deeply soothing.” The idea behind slithering sensation is that as the snakes move along the body, they release muscle tension and promote blood circulation. California and Florida King Snakes, Corn snakes and Milk snakes are used on the body for their size and power – the stronger the snake, the more pressure they can apply. Smaller snakes are used on the face, providing a unique spa experience that promises to test your fear threshold. If it’s any consolation, a masseuse is present the entire time to help direct the snakes and reassure the client.

Whether you’re intrigued by this new trend or are looking for a unique way to face your fears, snake massages promise a truly one-of-a-kind spa experience you won’t soon forget.

Video of Ada Barak’s snake massage treatment:

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