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Salt Cave

Salt Cave

For centuries, Eastern Europeans have been reaping the plethora of benefits derived from spending time in salt caves. These types of treatments, known as Speleotherapy (treatment in a natural salt cave) and Halotherapy (treatment in a man-made salt environment), have been known to facilitate significant improvements in individuals with certain types of illnesses.

From respiratory and circulatory conditions to skin ailments and stress, breathing in air saturated with the healthy minerals found in salt, such as iodine, magnesium, potassium and selenium, can alleviate health problems that can otherwise be difficult to cure. In many countries, like Israel, salt caves are gaining popularity and being built into the homes of families in order to provide regular therapy for children who suffer with asthma and other respiratory ailments. Salt caves have even been used to cure the unwanted symptoms of the common hangover. The salt cave phenomenon is on the verge of significantly taking off in the United States as well; currently several east and west coast cities have salt caves. The Salt Chalet, located in Encino, California in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, offers salt-related therapies as “a healthy, natural and safe alternative to steroids, drugs and other invasive medicines.” One treatment session at Salt Chalet lasts 45 minutes, and depending on the extent of the condition, 10-15 sessions are recommended.

As we are increasingly exposed to the pollutants in the air we breath, the food we eat, the water we drink, and the shower or bath we cleanse in, respiratory and skin problems are inevitable. While conventional medicine can offer chemical-based drugs to mask the symptoms, a visit to a salt cave is a natural remedy that is well worth looking in to.

The preceding statements about the health benefits of salt therapy have not been medically evaluated. Consult your physician before beginning any such therapies.

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