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In this fast-paced and hectic world in which we will live, who has the time and money to spend hours at the spa receiving an endless array of treatments? Very few people, that’s who. The latest spa trend of offering quick stop spa treatments in airports hopes to cash in on a group of individuals – business travelers – who rarely take the time out of their busy lives to get massages, facials and other wellness enhancing spa treatments.

These mini-sized or “sampler” treatments, found in spas located alongside the typical magazine stands and food kiosks of airport terminals throughout the world, are 15-30 minutes excursions into health, beauty and tension release. Unlike traditional day spas, airport spas are less on an appointment basis and more on a walk-in basis. Specially tailored to accommodate passengers who are waiting for flights and in a hurry, airport spa treatments may include a 15-minute massage as found at Chicago O’Hare Airport, an expedited pedicure or manicure available at New York’s JFK Airport, or even an essential oil oxygen treatment to boost the immune system, which can be found at London’s Heathrow Airport. Though it may rank lower on the ladder than work and other types of stresses, travel-related stresses are extremely common and cause numerous inconveniences for passengers; a little pre-flight pampering in the airport terminal can go a long way towards healthier and happier travels. Besides, in this day and age of excessive flight cancellations, endlessly long security lines and intrusive security pat downs, who couldn’t use a little stress reducing massage or other luxury pampering to take the edge off?

If you’re planning on trying an airport spa, it may be best to go with a reputable chain that has experience and a positive track record within the airport environment. XPressSpa prides itself on the fact that they are not just a regular spa that made the jump to airports, but rather one that has developed a spa and brand specifically for the needs of travelers within airports. Best of all, they have a network of airport spas that span the entire United States, and they even have a few kiosks within airports in the Netherlands.

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