Seal Team Six: You Deserve a Spa Treatment


We’re not quite sure what’s more impressive; the fact that the U.S. Navy’s Seal Team Six – an elite commando unit so secretive that the White House won’t even directly acknowledge their existence – was able to take down the notorious and deadly Osama bin Laden in one fell swoop, or the fact that it was just another day on the job for them.

Either way, we’re sure of one thing: the members of this heroic unit deserve a day at the spa. Much has been made of the prowess of the Navy Seals, the highest standards they impose on those who wish to join, their regimented and grueling training and of course, “hell week” – the ultimate test of mental and physical toughness in which recruits are afforded only four hours of sleep over the course of five and a half days of nonstop running, swimming, crawling and other feats of fortitude. Seal Team Six is the best of the best within the Navy Seals and that is why they were tasked with the job of putting an end to bin Laden. Now, this crack team deserves some R&R and who better to make some spa-rific suggestions than the crack editorial team at Talkspas?

Seal Team Six is based out of the Dam Neck Annex of Naval Air Station Oceana in Virginia Beach, and there’s no shortage of fantastic spas in the area. The Spa Phoenix in Virginia Beach at Hilltop is a bastion of relaxation and personal pampering in the setting of a classic spa environment. There’s no doubt that the Seals could benefit for Phoenix’s plethora of spa offerings, especially the King Neptune’s Retreat, which is specifically designed for men. At $265, the package features the spa’s signature Massage, Men’s Facial, Men’s Manicure, Phoenix Pedicure and a gourmet lunch. Another option is The Beach Spa Bed & Breakfast, also in Virginia Beach, which features a range of massages including Swedish, sports, hot stone and Reiki – that latter of which utilizes healing energy to bring balance on physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels.

Seal Team Six is an extraordinary group of soldiers that put their lives on the line time and again. They deserve the best spa therapies around to keep them in tip-top condition for a lifetime.

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