Spa Trend: Beer Spa

Beer Spa

Beer Bath at the Landhotel Moorhof in Austria, Germany

There are interesting spa trends; and then there is plunking down in a tub of yeasty brew to get your therapy on. In the last several years, beer spas have been popping up all over Europe – well, at least the countries that are well known for their beer-swilling cultures like Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic. So what’s the point of a beer spa you ask?

No, it’s not the promise of fulfilling your inner frat boy’s (or girl’s) ale-induced dreams to splash in endless amounts of the hop juice. Soaking in a yeasty and aromatic vat of beer actually promotes your health and wellness in a number of ways, according to the ancient Romans as well as some modern-day spa therapists. Potential benefits are derived from the high vitamin (B-complex) and mineral content present within the hops and yeast; such medicinal properties are said to be good for the health of the skin, including hygienically as beer is an effective cleanser, and also for treating certain skin disorders like eczema. Want to feel for yourself what it’s like to plunge into a tub of barley pop? Head to the Landhotel Moorhof in rustic Franking, Austria; they offer what might be the most thorough beer treatment available anywhere. The Moorhof’s cellar features four couple-size wooden tubs filled with their own special brew in which to soak in and relax. Composed of a two percent-alcohol lager from the local Schnaitl Brewery, the therapists fortify the concoction with brewer’s yeast – known for its high nutritional content – malt, two scoops of hops and some pure mineral water. The result: rising bubbles from the bottom of the tub that activate the ingredients, causing a foam to form and turning the Jacuzzi into a giant beer stein. Of course, during the beer spa treatment, you’re not just sitting there twiddling your thumbs; you’re drinking a cold one that is also from the Schnaitl Brewery. Post dunk in the “stein”, you get wrapped in a starch white sheet and led to a bed to roll around in some alfalfa hay and build up a sweat. At the end, you take a dunk in a cool pool and rinse all the hops and other sticky beer residue off yourself. The feeling you will have when you are done is said to be pure bliss. And starting at around $60US for a half-hour treatment, it’s a deal that’s pretty hard to beat.

Differing from the world of vinotherapy – utilizing wine externally to foster health and well-being – that has a predominately female customer base, the beer spas is not dominated by a single sex. Unlike other spa treatments like facials, men have no fears of losing their masculinity when it comes to soaking in beer and a lot of times, women like to go to the beer spa with their husbands or significant others and bond over a brewski, or rather in one.

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