The Chocolate Spa

Spa At The Hotel Hershey

Spa At The Hotel Hershey

Is chocolate really a girl’s best friend? Well, the Chocolate Spa at The Hotel Hershey certainly thinks so. The Spa is dedicated to providing a luxurious experience for all senses of the body, blending relaxation and sweet indulgence with its signature chocolate treatments.

Imagine lying down and smelling the fragrant aroma of red roses and dark chocolate while the masseuse exfoliates, wraps, and moisturizes your body in the classic Chocolate & Rose Decadent Body Treatment. Enjoy a hydrotherapy session with a cocoa twist. How about a chocolate sugar exfoliation with your pedicure in the Sweet Hands and Feet? My personal favorite is the Whipped Cocoa Bath in which you can literally lounge in a pool of foaming chocolate milk and leave with softer, nutrient-rich skin.

Health experts have recognized several holistic benefits found in chocolate. Research shows that chocolate is full of antioxidants, which are chemicals that decrease the oxidant reactions that cause cellular damage. Moreover, chocolate, similar to red wine, contains polyphenols, which help prevent heart disease. Chocolate is also known as a mood- enhancer because it triggers the brain to release pleasure endorphins. All in all, chocolate has many different facets to be enjoyed and experienced, and the Chocolate Spa gives you the opportunity to do so.

The Chocolate Spa only augments Hershey’s legacy of satisfying customers with the most savory chocolate. Only this time, chocolate is not only used to seduce the gustatory senses, but also to soothe spa-lovers by the touch.

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