Draped in Comfort: 10 Things to Consider When Buying a Bathrobe

The bathrobe has been around as long as the public baths that were popular in ancient cultures like Rome, Turkey and China. Today, the tradition of slipping into a plush bathrobe after a warm bath or steam session is still thoroughly embraced by home spa enthusiasts. Depending on what you’re looking for, buying a bathrobe can be as simple as buying gas or as complicated as buying a car. After all, all bathrobes are not created equal; they vary in quality, they’re available in a variety of different materials and offer a plethora of options from which to choose. The following are some key points to consider when selecting a bathrobe:

People enjoying their bathrobes

10 tips for picking out a bathrobe

10) A proper fitting bathrobe should be loose and comfortable. It should fall somewhere between the knees and ankles and the sleeves should also be at an appropriate length.

9) The fabric of your bathrobe should work for you; try on velour, chenille, cotton, satin, microfiber and other types of robes to see which ones feel best on you.

8) Bathrobes come in different styles; some have buttons, some zip, others tie around the waist with a belt. Some styles may be more or less comfortable than others. For example, a robe with a belt can leave the chest exposed and make you cold.

7) Consider the air temperature in which you’ll be wearing your bathrobe; you don’t want a thick cotton bathrobe in the hot summer, just as you don’t want a slinky silk bathrobe in the middle of winter.

6) Notice if the bathrobe has pockets; if you plan on lounging around in your bathrobe (instead of using it like a towel just to dry off), you may want a place to put things like tissues, lip balm, or your hands.

5) Choose a robe that is appropriate for where you’ll be using it; if you’re going to be wearing it around the kids, a sexy lingerie style robe is obviously not appropriate. However, if it’s for your husband’s eyes only, knock yourself out.

4) Check the washing instructions; a bathrobe typically does not require frequent washing, however when you do want to wash and dry it, it should be an easy task that doesn’t require dry cleaning bills.

3) Pick a color you like; since not too many people will see you in your bathrobe, it’s a great opportunity to go a little crazy and pick a wild and vivid color.

2) Check the price tag; like cars, bathrobes come in a range of prices. You can pick up a cheap one for well under $20, or spend several hundred dollars or more on a high end bathrobe. Since you typically get what you pay for, we suggest you get the best quality robe you can possibly afford.

1) If money is no expense, have a tailor custom create you a robe that is made of the fabric you desire and fits your body to exact specifications. We can’t think of a better way for you to treat yourself!

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