Ayurvedic Healing: Netra Basti

We talk a lot about Ayurveda here at Talk Spas, not only because it is a proven system of physical, mental and spiritual healing that dates back over 5,000 years to ancient India, but also because it has grown in popularity in the Western world and many spas are offering one or more Ayurvedic treatments to their clients. One therapy that is an excellent all around treatment for the eyes, as well as for reversing the harmful effects of our modern lifestyle – specifically, staring at a computer all day – is known as Netra Basti.

Oil being poured as part of the Netra Basti

Medicated oil being poured as part of the Netra Basti

Netra Basti is a treatment in which the eye is covered with warm ghee (clarified butter) or medicated oil. Utilizing black gram or another type of flour, a dough is made into the shape of two doughnuts and used to create a sealed well around the patient’s eyes. Then one eye at a time, the warm ghee or oil is poured into the eye until the eyelashes are completely submerged. While the patient’s eye remains open, the ghee or oil is left to sit and penetrate the eye sockets for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes. The treatment ends with the patient tilting their head to the side so all of the ghee or oil can drain out. For a few minutes afterwards, vision will be blurry; Netra Basti can be immediately followed with the application of a few drops of soothing cucumber juice in the eyes, as an eye wash. This incredibly relaxing eye bath works wonders for improving eyesight and nourishing the nervous system through the eye sockets. It releases inner tension in the eye and helps to smooth away wrinkles. Ayurvedic physicians often prescribe Netra Basti for conjunctivitis, glaucoma, early cataract, macular degeneration and general eye problems. It is an especially useful treatment for those who spend long hours in front of the computer or TV, abusing their eyes and ending up with eye strain and headaches. In general, a Netra Basti treatment can be utilized for refreshing tired, sore, dry, itchy and teary eyes, as well as relieving eye socket tension, twitching and excessive squinting. After a Netra Basti treatment, many patients notice an immediate visual improvement and as an added benefit, the treatment brings a remarkable brightness and sparkle to the eye.

The first doughnut has been applied.

The first doughnut has been applied

Ayurveda holds the key to disease prevention and relief from a vast variety of disorders and diseases. Netra Basti is one Ayurvedic treatment that when administered regularly by a professional, can do wonders.

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