Spa Fit for a Sultan: Gentlemen’s Tonic

In Talk Spas’ “Spa Fit for a Sultan” series, we profile the most luxurious and lavish spas in the world.

It’s no secret that many men feel self-conscious going to the spa; after all, marketing and advertising trends would have us believe that spas focus most of their attention on attracting women with their plethora of therapies and treatments. However, every once in a while a spa emerges that is designed to cater exclusively to the needs of men; Gentlemen’s Tonic, with locations throughout the world including London, Houston and Hong Kong, is one of those much needed spas.

Gentlemen's Tonic Spa

Gentlemen's Tonic Spa

Gentlemen’s Tonic was founded by French-American Olivier Bonnefoy in 2004 in London’s prestigious Mayfair neighborhood. The spa’s signature old-time English charm coupled with an unparalleled barbershop-style service, are what has made it such a hit. Along with a plethora of modern spa services, Gentlemen’s Tonic features wood, marble and leather décor, as well as areas to enjoy music and watch television on large flat panel displays, a world-class selection of newspapers and magazines, private haircutting stations and private showering facilities. The result is an atmosphere that does nothing short of providing dedicated care and attention and promoting vitality and well being. As far as treatments go, there are many that provide the perfect antidote to the rigors and stresses of the outside world: The 30 minute ‘The Traditional Massage’, featuring Swedish technique designed primarily to relax your muscles by applying pressure, helps to increase muscle tone, eases tension, help improve circulation and promote general well being; the 60 minute Aromatherapy treatment uses essential oils, incorporates pressure points and lymphatic drainage therapy to provide both psychological and physical benefits which ultimately stimulate, soothe and relax your body; the 75 minute GT’s Signature ‘The Traveler’ is a head to foot treatment that helps to alleviate the stresses and fatigue you feel as a result of traveling, utilizing massage to help you release and eliminate tired, tense muscles, while enhancing deep relaxation; and the Haircut & Wet Shave provide you a shampoo and conditioning, scalp massage, haircut and finish followed by the ultimate wet shave which uses a variety of soothing products before swathing you in steaming hot towels. All treatments are administered with the company’s philosophy of understated, self-confidence; each one is an opportunity for clients to experience the ultimate in care and devoted attention.

A thrown fit for a King

A thrown fit for a King

As Gentlemen’s Tonic states on their website, “The name Gentlemen’s Tonic has been chosen to reflect two aspects of the business: Gentlemen’s to indicate that the business is dedicated exclusively to the needs of men and Tonic to signify the restorative properties of the experience.” With a credo like that, there’s hardly a reason why you should put off any further a visit to this fantastic men’s spa.

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