Ayurvedic Healing: Panchakarma

In this day and age, the spa world offers a vast array of treatments that have origins in different cultures all over the world. We’ve talked about Ayurveda – the ancient healing system of India – and its treatments extensively at Talk Spas, but with our breakdown of Panchakarma, we open your eyes to the mother of all Ayurvedic treatments.

The five actions of Panchakarma

The five actions of Panchakarma

Panchakarma, literally translating to “Five Actions” in Sanskrit, is the ultimate set of five treatments to restore good health, well-being and equilibrium to the mind, body and soul. Over the course of time incorrect diet, increased stress and poor lifestyle choices lead to numerous ailments; Panchakarma, with its treatments that address the body, mind and spirit as a whole, can literally change a person’s life by restoring constitutional balance. Before the actual Panchakarma treatment begins, an oil massage and bath (Snehana) and a session of induced sweating (Swedana) are utilized to liquefy bodily toxins and prepare the body for purification. Also, a special diet may be given to the patient before treatment begins to allow the body to fully embrace the purification therapies. Action One in Panchakarma is known as Vamana: Vomiting is induced in order to alleviate nasal congestion, respiratory tract problems like asthma and bronchitis, and symptoms associated with colds and allergies. Action Two is known as Virechana: Herbal laxatives are used to clean the gastro intestinal tract as well as remove toxins from the gallbladder; this is an excellent therapy for constipation, diabetes, gout and worms. Action Three is known as Nasya: Utilizing special medicated oils, the nasal passage is cleaned, helping nose, sinus, throat and head; this treatment is particularly useful for headaches and instances where patients are suffering from loss of smell or taste. Action Four is known as Basti: Enemas made from medicated oils and herbs are used to remove toxins from the colon, alleviating piles, digestive disorders, backaches, constipation and other ailments. Action Five is known as Shiro-Abhynanga-Nasya: Deep massage of the neck, head and shoulders, in combination with deep inhalation therapy and nasal drops, promote relaxation, increased alertness, better digestion and host of other benefits.

An oil massage and bath (Snehana)

An oil massage and bath (Snehana)

Physicians in the Western world prescribe pharmaceuticals to treat individual disorders; Ayurvedic physicians utilize medicine found in nature to treat the whole person. Panchakarma, with its complete system of five specialized therapies, is the ultimate way to restore the whole self in a natural way. If you plan on treating yourself to Panchakarma therapy, keep in mind that it is typically a weeklong process that involves total dedication and lots of rest before and after each therapy.

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