Office Spa: Workplace Massage for Employee Well Being & Loyalty

A good employee gives their all to the company they work for; this includes their skills, their effort, their time, and yes, their health. The human body was not designed to be in an office all day, sitting at a chair, working on a computer, and engaging in a myriad of unhealthy and unnatural movements. Good quality companies that care about their employees – or at least care about their reputation and mitigating employee complaints – take such thing into consideration by offering ergonomic equipment for better positioning when working. This helps to avoid damages to bones, joints, ligaments, etc… caused by repetitive tasks including typing and mouse clicking. The usual areas of the body that incur the most damage from office work include the hands, wrists, arms, shoulders, neck and back. Some companies are going the extra mile by offering employees massages by licensed therapists in the office.

Workplace Massage for Employee Wellbeing & Loyalty

A nice workplace massage for employee well being and loyalty never hurt anyone.

Many people who aren’t familiar with massage hear the word and immediately think of a nude body being rubbed down with almond or other scented oil. Obviously such a massage would not make for a very discreet or professional work environment and a workplace massage looks a little different. In such a scenario, typically a massage therapist will bring an interesting, padded, chair-like contraption that does an excellent job of supporting the knees, elbows, chest and head. As the patient sits in the chair, fully clothed mind you, they can lean forward and feel the pressure on their limbs start to release. The massage therapist will then begin to apply some strong kneading to the back and shoulders with their well-trained hands. Since such a massage does not require a private room, typically there will be numerous employees lining up for their workplace massage in a break room or conference area, possibly even engaging in a little social interaction. Each massage will last anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, to give everyone a chance to feel the love. Of course, hiring a licensed massage therapist is not cheap, so who is going to pay for all of this? It varies from corporation to corporation and small business to small business, but in many instances a company will foot the entire bill, or their might be a scenario where an employee pays into a pool for the service and the cost is essentially split with the company; the latter scenario is getting more and more unlikely. It has been proven that workers who receive regular massages have lower stress levels, decreased injuries and an overall better attitude about working 8 or more hours in a day for 5 or more days per week. Less frequent injuries, along with increased employee morale, speaks for itself when talking about benefits to the company. Now that’s a win-win situation.

Some companies are going the extra mile by offering employees massages by licensed therapists in the office.

Some companies are going the extra mile by offering employees massages by licensed therapists in the office.

If a company doesn’t offer a workplace massage, but there is interest, an official from the company, or even a worker can inquire about initiating one. There are many health care organizations, wellness centers and even spas that offer such services; many will have a variety of programs to suit a company’s short and long-term needs.


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