Spa Gear: 8 Things to Consider When Buying Bath Towels

So you want the quality spa experience at home, but your cheap, thin bath towels that refuse to absorb the water off your body just aren’t cutting it? You’ve come to the right place. The crack editorial team at Talk Spas has spent countless man and woman hours wiping ourselves dry after dips in the sauna and sweats in the steam bath. Based on our hands-on research, we’ve formulated a list of eight considerations when buying bath towels, in order to ensure you get the best quality bath towel at the price point you can afford.

8) Consider the Purpose: Ask yourself, what am I going to be using these towels for? Are they really for your luxury home, or are they heading to your kid’s college dorm, or worse, going to be used to towel off the dog? If you’ve decided they’re for your home spa, use them exclusively in that environment to help them maintain their integrity.

Know Your Fabric.

Know Your Fabric.

7) Know Your Fabric: Take a look around your local bath products store and you’ll see that towels come in a range of fabrics. The best, most absorbent towels are made from cotton – Egyptian and Supima cotton are top of the line – and they also provide the best durability. Some manufacturers make cotton/micro-fiber blended towels that help to make the towel lighter.

6) Understand Towel Density: Density is the measure of fibers in a square foot. When it comes to towel density, the higher the better. A high quality Egyptian cotton towel will have a density of around 250 grams per foot. This is definitely a key factor to keep in mind when shopping for towels.

5) Choose an Appropriate Size: You’re not heading out for a day at the beach and unless you have a massive bathroom with a proportionately large towel rack, you don’t need a gargantuan towel. On the other hand, there are few things worse in the spa environment than stepping out of the bath or steam shower and trying to wrap yourself in a towel that’s too small. Average sized towels are anywhere from 27 × 50 inches to 30 × 56 inches; that’s probably the range you’ll want to stick with.

Think About Color.

Think About Color.

4) Think About Color: Sometimes in life, you need to restrain yourself when it comes to choosing colors. For example, if your favorite color is hot pink, you’re probably not going to buy a hot pink car. Or maybe you would – how would we know? The point is, the personal spa bath is a great place to let your fantasies run wild and that includes having the exact colored towels you want, no matter how outrageous the color may be. Chartreuse anyone?

3) Consider Your Budget: Of course you want the best quality towels, but Egyptian and Supima cotton can end up costing a pretty penny; especially when you want to load up your spa bath environment with 5 or 10 towels. If budget is an issue, consider splurging on one or two ultra high-end towels for special use and the rest can be mid-range towels for daily use.

2) Shop Around: Like any product, you’re going to find that bath towels are cheaper in some stores than others. And your high-end bath products retailer is likely going to cost way more than a discount department store. Better yet, check out the products you are considering at your local bath products retailer store and then buy them online at Amazon or another online retailer. You’ll save big.

Test it Out.

Test it Out.

1) Test it Out: Feeling towels in a store will never give you a good idea of how they will perform in the bath. Buy one towel, test it out for a few days to see if it really is soft, absorbent and durable, and then buy the rest when you are sure.

Keep these 8 considerations in mind when buying bath towels and it will be impossible to go wrong!

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