Melt Away Stress: Great Ideas for Transforming Your Bath into a Day Spa

According to the American Medical Association, 80 percent of all human illnesses are the result of stress. Yet, taking even one small step to reduce stress can have a hugely beneficial effect. Studies have found that altering the physical environment in your home can help improve emotional health. Few rooms offer the kind of opportunities to create a relaxing space than the master bath environment. The Talk Spas editorial team has come up with a few great ideas for transforming your bath environment into your own personal day spa, to help you go from stressed-out to stress-free.

1. “Naturalize” The Space – Wood and stone are the most prominent materials used in modern spa construction. Whether you choose a vanity made of wood, a countertop made of granite, or even porcelain made to mimic marble, such as Whitestone (RWS) tile from Hastings Tile & Bath, bringing natural materials indoors creates a sense of calm for the space.

Stone Look Tile

Whitestone (RWS) tile from Hastings Tile & Bath

2. Mood Lighting – Don’t be afraid to use lighting in unexpected ways in a spa bathroom. “Lighted wall panels built into the drywall, fiber optic lighting placed in the ceiling or flooring that gives the look of sparkling stars, and lighting that highlights or washes the wall are all great options,” says interior designer Jamie Beckwith. “Lighting can go from clean to sexy by the click of a switch, or preferably a dimmer.” CSL® (Creative Systems Lighting) offers several options for bath mood lighting: the concealed linear lighting of Invisizite Generation 2, LED Eco-Downlight, and Disc, with a double-LED lamp and wall/flush mount.

CSL Invisizite Lighting

Invisitize Lighting by CSL

3. Let Off Some Steam – If you prefer showers to baths (the majority of people do – only 6% of home owners actually use their baths), you can always create a custom steam shower. For centuries, steam therapy has been known to relieve stress and rejuvenate the body and mind. The exclusive Serenity Light & Music System from ThermaSol®, along with Aromatherapy Retractable Steam Heads and Essential and Precious Reserve Oils elevate one’s mood, balances energy and eliminates toxins all while rejuvenating the senses.

ThermaSol Serenity Light and Music System

ThermaSol Serenity Light & Music System

Implementing one or more of the ideas above means you never have to leave your house to go to the day spa in order to melt away stress. What could be better than that?

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