Benefits of Bath Oils

The benfits of bath oils

The benfits of bath oils

Bath oils have probably been around a lot longer than you think; the people of the Stone Age were known to combine olive and sesame oils with fragrance to create a soothing bathing experience. There is documentation that most cultures utilized bath oils for both luxury and aromatherapeutic benefits, as well as to counter dry skin.

Today, the use of bath oils has been refined to a science and it is well known that when oil is mixed with water, it has an ability to penetrate deep into skin tissue and provide rejuvenation. Oil bathing is commonplace in South Asia, especially India, but it is also commonly practiced in the Western world, too. Spas all over North America, Canada and Europe offer various oil treatments, and individuals who practice home spa rituals also make use of bath oils. Aside from rejuvenating skin tissue, many claims have been made about the benefits of bath oils. Prevention against cancer is one claim, though there has been no substantial research to support it. However, oils baths are believed to build stronger immunity to viral and bacterial infections, and skin conditions. Due to there intrinsic warmth, they also improve blood circulation by dilating blood vessels; benefits include reduction in fatigue and stiffness in joints, and increased range of motion in joints. Another obvious direct benefit of taking an oil bath is the resulting health and glow of the skin. Oil keeps the collagen in the skin supple and the result is a younger and fresher look for a longer period of time. There are a plethora of different types of oils that work well in the bath – far too many to name here – but here are a few of the most popular to give you an idea:

Lavender – Well known for its calming properties, lavender is among the best oils to use in the bath as it is known to have some anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Sandalwood – This is a fragrance that is often used to enhance other fragrances in perfume and it has a similar effect on other fragrances added to the bath. Sandalwood has been said to work well in treating anxiety and it also may have anti-depressant properties.

Tea Tree – This highly potent oil has antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal properties and as such, makes an excellent choice for use in the bath.

Frankincense – For an incredible aroma that is sure to make your bath a pleasurable experience, use frankincense. As an added benefit, the oil may improve your digestion and have a beneficial effect on your muscles and joints.

Additionally, sesame oil, coconut oil, mustard oil and apricot are some of the best oils for rejuvenation. The next time you take a bath, just remember that all it takes is a few drops of oil to transform your bland bath into a dynamic home spa experience.

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