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The island of St. Barts is often referred to as “the Pearl of the Caribbean”; with 27 gorgeous white sand beaches, an average temperature of 82 degrees and an overall quality of life that is unparalleled, it’s no wonder why. For those that arrive to enjoy the island’s pleasures, there is only one place to stay: Hotel Guanahani & Spa. Not only is this hotel the finest on the island, but it boasts a world class spa with a range of treatments of which any other spa would be envious.

Hotel Guanahani & Spa welcomes guests to its delightful cottages designed in the architectural and decorative traditions which have developed in the West Indies over the course of many centuries. Each cottage is uniquely crafted from rare woods, Caribbean pastel shades and gentle cotton fabrics, ultimately creating a colonial atmosphere. Guests can enjoy the lush, surrounding gardens and connected terraces; one cottage even has its own private swimming pool. As for dining, French Master Chef Philippe Masseglia has made Hotel Guanahani’s kitchens his playground, and utilizes them to create and preside over inspiring French, Japanese and Italian cuisine. Just outside the doors of the hotel, St. Barts offers world class shopping, including the latest fashion trends from Europe and the finest art. The island has a lively nightlife scene with great live music and parties that continue on into the wee hours of the morning.


But for guests who come to St. Barts to truly relax, it’s the journey that Hotel Guanahani’s sophisticated new Guanahani Spa provides, which is most precious. Designed in a Creole architectural style, the spa sets the ideal ambiance in which to relax and be pampered. Partnered with Clarins, the European leader of upscale beauty care and renowned specialist in face and body products, Guanahani Spa is well equipped to help guests boost their outer beauty and in turn, enhance their inner strength. The Spa’s “Massage of the World” offerings include:
 Nuad Bo Rarn (Traditional Thai Massage), Hotstone (Indian Massage), Reflexology (Asiatic Foot Massage), Shiatsu (Japanese Massage), Head Massage (Indian Massage), Abyangha (Ayurvedic Massage with Hot Oil), Pressotherapy and Relaxing Massage (Soft, Medium or Deep). Guanahani Spa’s Clarin’s treatments, designed specifically for the on-going benefit of the skin, include: the Age Defying Facial Treatment, which helps preserve and protect the skin while focusing on delicate areas prone to premature aging, such as the eyes and neck; the Radiance Facial Treatment, which revives and revitalizes dull, lackluster skin with nourishing and energizing extracts of papaya, kiwi and orange; the Hydrating Facial Treatment, which combats the effects of modern living to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium; and the Purifying Facial Treatment, which purifies and rebalances with extracts of wintergreen, witch hazel and orris root.


Ultimately, guests at the Hotel Guanahani & Spa are afforded an experience that is original, luxurious and sends them home with a feeling of balance and renewal that will benefit each aspect of their personal and professional lives. What more could anyone ask for from a hotel and spa?

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