Spa Detox: Recipes for Juicing Away the Toxins

spa juice detox

There’s a good reason why many spas have a juice bar available to their guests; juicing fresh vegetables, fruits and herbs is not only a great way to get a rapid infusion of vitamins, minerals and other plant based nutrients into your system, it’s also a highly effective way to rid the body of toxins built up from poor diet and environmental factors. Juicing is great for cleansing the liver and it also improves the health of the heart and cardiovascular system. Vegetable juice alkalizes your system, making your PH level less acidic; as a result, brain function improves and the aging process slows down. Juicing is also great for skin, hair and nail health. The best part about juicing is you don’t always have to pay the exorbitant prices spas charge for juice – you can just make it at home with a juicer from the local appliance store. Here are some of Talk Spas favorite recipes for juicing away toxins:

Watermelon Ultra- Detox

Watermelon is a fruit that is excellent for detoxification. The strawberries are added into this recipe to boost vitamin C and the blackberries are a great source of folic acid.


6 oz watermelon
5 strawberries
10 blackberries

Juice all ingredients at a cool temperature.

Carrot Punch Detox Juice

This juice is sweet, but subtle and packs a serious nutritional punch. Carrots, spinach and parsley provide antioxidants and celery is excellent for its cleansing properties.


4 carrots
3 celery sticks
5 large fresh spinach leaves
Handful of flat leaf parsley

Juice all ingredients at room temperature.

Very Vegetable Detox Juice

This is a great breakfast juice because it gives your energy levels a boost and helps carry you through the day. It also helps waken your digestive system so you’ll be nice and ready for a healthy lunch later in the day.


1 cucumber
4 celery sticks
5 large spinach leaves
8 romaine lettuce leaves
Distilled water
Other greens of your choice (like bok choy leaves, mustard greens, different chards, etc…)
Juice ingredients at room temperature and then mix with equal amounts distilled water.

Jicama Carrot Surprise Detox Juice

This is a juice that is rich in calcium and phosphorus. The surprise is that it will clear up any upset stomach or indigestion you may have.

6 carrots
1 jicama slice
A handful of parsley

Juice all ingredients at room temperature.

Artichoke Radish Detox Juice

Try this juice for a fantastic fiber infusion. Jerusalem artichokes are rich in fiber, which will help with a healthy bowel function. Radishes stimulate the release of bile from the gall bladder.


3 Jerusalem artichokes
3 radishes
2 carrots
2 handfuls of fresh cilantro

Juice all ingredients at room temperature.

Try any of the above recipes for a spa-like juice detox at home. Let us know how they taste and how they make you feel in the comments section below!

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