Aromatherapy for the Mind and Body

Take a deep breath. Now say “Ahh….” When stress takes a toll, it’s important to stop and smell the roses. But when it comes to aromatherapy fragrances, why stop at roses?

Aromatherapy offers a natural and therapeutic way toward self-healing through essential oils. While most commonly inhaled using diffusers, a refreshing new trend combines the oils with steam to promote even deeper relaxation. ThermaSol, a company best known for their home steam showers, takes this trend a step further by offering a line of certified organic Essential and Precious Reserve Oils. Just add two to four drops to the steamhead reservoir during a steam session and breathe easy. The steambath increases circulation and brings toxins to the surface, cleaning the pores with perspiration and the aromatherapy-infused steam. Together this combination hydrates dull skin and refreshes the body and mind.

From relaxing to energizing, ThermaSol offers a variety of Essential Oils, but which scent is right for you? Here’s a full list and the different properties they offer.

French Lavender promotes calming and relaxation. Considered one of the most universally useful oils in aromatherapy, this oil can also be used topically to help heal blemishes, insect bites, and minor scrapes.

Portuguese Eucalyptus stimulates, soothes and cools. It has long been used for treating coughs and respiratory congestion.

Italian Bergamot reduces anxiety, depression, and insomnia. This citrus-scented oil gives Earl Grey tea its distinctive aroma and taste.

Madagascar Ylang Ylang is an aphrodisiac with a tranquil, warm aroma. The intensely sweet, tropical floral fragrance is used to calm tense nerves and relax muscles.

French Rosemary calms nerves, improves memory, confidence and creativity. This fresh, herbaceous fragrance disinfects respiratory and sinus passages and improves blood circulation. Rosemary is also used to combat nervous exhaustion and fatigue.

Egyptian Geranium relieves stress, anxiety, fatigue and PMS symptoms. It is one of the best skin care oils on the market and can offer relief from congested and oily skin.

Energize Oil Blend invigorates the senses, improves circulation and relieves headaches. The lemony scent combines five essential oils for an exciting blend and fragrance.


Which scents are your favorites? Have you tried using them in your steam shower at home? Tweet us at @TalkSpas and let us know!

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