Aromatherapy for the Mind and Body: Part 2

Now that you’ve unlocked the healing benefits of aromatherapy and steam, it’s time for an indulgent upgrade. While Thermasol’s Essential Oils offer a wide range of therapeutic and aromatic benefits, their line of Precious Reserve Oils take aromatherapy to the next level. Like fine wines, these high grade oils are distilled in small batches and sold in very small amounts, making them more expensive to produce but more potent and concentrated. Sourced directly from rural distilleries worldwide, these reserve oils are organically certified and free of pesticides and other contaminants.

To get the rejuvenating effects of Precious Reserve Oils, you only need to add 2 to 4 drops to the steamhead reservoir before your steam session. Or you can add them directly to your bathwater for soothing and sensuous aromas.

Which oil is right for you? Check out the list below for the different properties they offer.

Bulgarian Rose Absolute is historically known as an aphrodisiac. It takes 30 rose blossoms to make one drop of this sweet and floral essential oil, making it extremely rare. Applied topically it can help heal damaged skin cells and produce healthy new skin.

Indian Jasmine is a nervous system sedative, which can help soothe worry, anger, depression, and headaches. Found in most perfumes, Jasmine Oil has a beautiful and complex floral scent known for calming nerves and possessing aphrodisiac effects.

Italian Neroli alleviates depression, anxiety, insomnia and PMS. Derived from the blossom of the bitter orange, Neroli Oil has a delicate orange-floral smell. In addition to acting as an aphrodisiac, it is a natural skin beautifier with exceptional healing qualities.

French Roman Chamomile helps relieve anxiety, tension and PMS symptoms. One of the most effective oils available in relieving muscle cramps, it comes from the mountains of Provence, France.

Do you want the benefits of aromatherapy but don’t have time to indulge in the full steamshower experience? Thermasol also offers hydrosols, bi-products of essential oil distillation that produce a milder extract and gentle mist. These 100% organic body sprays are anti-bacterial and help protect and restore the natural pH balance of the skin. They are available in Bulgarian Rose or Lavender Mist.

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