The Korean Spa Experience

Traditional Korean spas, also known as “Jjimjilbangs,” are trending right now in Los Angeles. These full-service spas offer facials, resting areas and even dining rooms. But what makes these hot new spas different from your average ones?

Korean spas are well-known for having a variety of multi-temperature spa rooms. Each dome-shaped room has a different theme and is equipped with a thermally insulated chamber that produces different temperatures – like an oven. In addition to the traditional sauna room, there is usually a hot steam room, as well as unique rooms featuring charcoal, red clay, salt and jade. These rooms feature walls plastered with their respective minerals in order to convey a sense of Zen and keep customers relaxed and stress-free.

Because most Korean spas are open 24 hours a day, they are appealing to a wide variety of people. Customers can range from stay-at-home moms to business men who just got off work. These hours are also appealing to young adults (the fastest growing customer base) who are looking for relaxation after a long night of partying.

The biggest difference between Korean and Western spas is the lack of privacy. While the sexes are separated, all the rooms and areas inside the spa are public. Guests can access and enjoy all of the facilities whenever they want, even if the specific room is occupied. Because of this openness, it’s common that customers arrive in groups and spend an entire afternoon or evening at the spa. Korean spas are popular “girls day out” destinations, as friends can catch up, relax and pamper themselves with scrub massages, facials and manicure sessions. Without the premium of private treatments, the cost of Korean spas is also significantly cheaper than that of traditional Western spas.

If you’re looking to try a Korean spa, they’re popping up all over the USA – especially in Los Angeles. The most popular LA spas are located in Koreatown – Wi Spa  and Crystal Spa. Of course, if you’re looking for absolute privacy, nothing beats a residential steam shower. Companies like ThermaSol produce high-quality steam generators that can be used to turn your existing shower into a steam shower, giving you a 24/7 customized steam experience and a perfect day at the spa.


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