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We attentively moisturize our faces, lovingly manicure our hands, condition each and every strand of delicate hair, but for all the devoted care we lather on our physiques, goodness gracious…what about our feet? Why do we ignore them so? It’s not like we use them for hours a day, or that they’re burdened by the weight of our bodies, or that they get us from here to there and back again. Or anything like that.

With these words, we intend to make feet a touchy subject. As in, “it’s time that we learn to touch our feet.” Because underneath our ankles sit two little chapped heels, ten little squished toes, and a couple of soles in desperate need of some TLC. And so we present, your guide to the wonderful world of foot spas. Which will start with…the act of not leaving your house.

That’s right! Did you know you essentially live in a foot spa? (Or, you will in about three sentences.) Like so many spa treatments today (think ThermaSol’s in-home steam shower systems), pampering your feet can easily happen from the comforts of your casa. Let’s start with the most basic part of foot care: the soak. It’s what every pedicure begins with, and there’s a reason. Soaking one’s feet – a practice that we should all employ much more often than we do – is the first step in relieving our poor peds, and giving them a chance to relax and recharge. Power up a warm water soak with a cup of Epsom salt (or, as scientists like to call it, magnesium sulfate – a compound ideal for its toxin-clearing properties and effectiveness in increasing circulation and minimizing joint pain) and let your toesies chill (well, in warm water) for up to 15 minutes.

And like other spa treatments, infusing your at-home foot soak with essential oils (lavender, a natural pain reliever, and wintergreen, which provides an organic anesthetic quality, are amongst the most popular) will increase the benefits and effectiveness of your foot soak. Follow your sole bath with a generous slathering of moisturizer (you know, with that bottle of foot lotion you got in that gift pack that one time that’s been sitting under the sink for two years…it’s time to break that sucker out!), and wrap your piggies in a clean pair of breathable cotton socks. And tomorrow, you’ll be walking on sunshine. For real.

Ready to go beyond the basics? Bling out your home foot spa with a pumice stone (cheap, light, and available at almost any drug store) and a tub of shea butter (remember: buttered toes, not buttered toast), to take extra special care of dry heels and callouses. And if you’re really serious about putting your best foot forward and creating an ideal in-home spa experience, a portable heated foot bath (make sure it makes bubbles!) is well worth the splurge.

But sometimes, our precious peds need more than just an Epsom bath. And for that, it’s time to delicately strap on your comfiest shoes and turn your toes over to a professional. Brick and mortar foot spas – practices solely devoted to foot care – are amongst the hottest new businesses popping up around the country. Dedicated to the art of reflexology, foot spas go beyond the pedicure to help rejuvenate tired walkers. Outfitted with unique foot-friendly chairs (these are not your typical massage tables, but instead nap-inspiring loungers dressed with uber-thick cushions, allowing you to recline while giving your technician total toe access), foot spas typically offer herbal treatments and invigorating reflexology massages. Warning: those who have ticklish feet need not apply (seriously, it’ll be more discomfort than enjoyment). But if you can handle the sensation, your feet will forever thank you. Reflexology induces pressure points, relieving our insteps and in fact our whole legs.

So as we enter a new year, and dutifully make our resolutions, why not add “Take Better Care Of My Feet” to the list? (Because chances are you already have “Be More Active” on there and, well, happy feet make for happy exercising.) Give your tootsies the loving care they deserve, at home or under the toe-telage of a foot pro, to make every step count, comfortably.

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