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Top 5 New Getaway Spas

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

This summer many vacationers are treating themselves to nothing but the best rest and relaxation they can afford. Here are some new spas that will allow you to forget your troubles and escape to  more comfortable and magical surroundings. Below are the top 5 new getaway spas with locations all over the world.

1 . Chi, the Spa at Shangri-La – Vancouver, Canada – This is the first spa at a Shangri-La Hotel that exists outside of the Asia Pacific region. It is located in the beautiful Canadian city of Vancouver. The spa’s décor features ornate wooden doors, plenty of votive candles, luxurious wood paneling and its design and treatments incorporate the five elements of Chinese philosophy: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water. Chi offers a two hour Element Vitality treatment with sound therapy, a Swedish massage and acupressure. The salon also offers “Chi Journeys,” which is a mix of treatments in one package. There are also saunas, a ginger bar and outdoor pool at the Shangri-La. Shangri-La Spa Vancouver

Shangri-La Vancouver

Shangri-La Vancouver


Honey Conditioner Recipes

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

honeyHoney or molasses hair treatments are an easy way to treat and condition dry hair when you are relaxing in your home spa (not recommended for public spas for obvious reasons). These treatments take the natural ingredients of honey (which will lighten your hair slightly so use molasses to avoid this side effect), to condition your hair, its roots and your scalp. If your hair has been damaged through blow drying, curling and hairspray these recipes will give it back its natural color, moisture, body and shine, all while giving you an excuse to relax in your bath or home spa. (more…)

Holistic Spa Therapy – The Chromotherapy Spa Experience

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


According to the ancient Indian art of the chakras, color therapy has the potential to heal. These days, bathtub, shower and steam shower manufacturers are inspired by this age-old practice to create a multi-color experience focusing in on specific colors to achieve relaxing effects. By using different color spectrum’s on specified body parts, chromatherapy – dictated by the chakras – takes the bathing experience full circle.

To integrate color into the steam experience, systems can be purchased which offer a full color spectrum and features that even change colors to adjust to one’s mood. The technological components are mounted behind a solid brass ceiling grill. Look for systems with a remote control for the ultimate in comfort and convenience.


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