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Soaking Tub or Whirlpool?

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
Whirlpool Soaking Tub

Whirlpool Soaking Tub

When it comes to the bathtub, people can pretty much get anything they want. From whirlpools offering various massage cycles to colorful chromatherapy, the bathtub has become automated and can even be operated via remote control. However, according to an article in the Wall Street Journal, homeowners may be trading their high-tech whirlpools for something a little more simple: the soaking tub.

“The trend began in the mid-1980s with the physical fitness and health craze, as well as the cocooning trend,” said a source from the Wall Street Journal. “In the ‘90s, we saw the trend surge and evolve into an interest in yoga and day spas. Now the trend is moving into the home.”

With wellness and alternative medicine becoming more popular, several studies reveal the many health benefits of soaking tubs. For instance, they are said to reduce stress, alleviate insomnia, and lower blood pressure. A recent study by the Mayo Clinic showed that soaking in hot water reaps the same benefits as exercise. And the National Sleep Foundation found that soaking in a bathtub filled with 104 degree Fahrenheit water for 15 minutes before bed is helpful in promoting restful sleep. The warmth and buoyancy that soaking provides can also help alleviate arthritis symptoms.

Bathtub manufacturers have introduced several different styles of soaking tubs for Zen peacefulness in the bathroom. From the deep, full body immersion models in sleek stainless steel inspired by the Ofuro bathtubs of Japan to the ones that allow you to float chin-high – there is something for everyone. Some soakers even feature a unique overflow design, allowing the bather to be fully immersed, with any displaced water trickling over the sides of the tub, creating a haven for relaxation and therapy.

Elements of the Stylish Home Spa

Friday, June 26th, 2009
Spa-Like Shower

Spa-Like Shower

Aside from an exotic array of treatments, therapies and fitness sessions – influenced by everything from cutting-edge medicinal studies to far-off foreign cultures – spa-goers make repeat visits to a specific spa for its soothing ambiance. Today  spa enthusiasts are looking at their spa’s décor and trying to recreate these stylish designs in their own home as previously described in the article:  “New Bathrooms Take Cues From Spas“.  Just as resort and day spa owners ensure that their retreat is a stylish and soothing sanctuary, home owners are now doing the same with their own bathrooms, transforming them into their own amazing home spa. With spa architecture and décor ranging from cool and classical to modern and minimalist, there are several must-have furnishings that bring design and functionality full circle.

The Immersive Shower Experience: When you are planning out your own home spa, you should expect a powerful shower with jets galore. JACLO® creates custom shower environments that feature body jets, hand showers, rain bars and large rain canopy shower heads.


New Bathrooms Take Cues From the Spa

Wednesday, June 24th, 2009
Spa-like Bathroom

Spa-like Bathroom

As you can see in our Featured Spa Project of the month, the master bath is quickly moving towards the way of a home spa. Families and individuals that are renovating and updating their bathrooms are trending towards a much more luxurious and spa like atmosphere according to a recent study by the National Association of Home Builders’ survey “Home of the Future”. This survey predicts that more elaborate bathrooms with dual vanities and walk-in showers will be common in new homes homes by 2015.


Take Your Home Spa Outdoors

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

Many homeowners today are asking themselves why only make their indoor living space as luxurious as possible? Why not move some of the luxury outside with fine landscaping, a new pool, a grotto, outdoor shower, waterfall, fireplace, bar & grill, hot tub, sauna, with a detached gym compete with its own steam shower. Especially in the summer months, with outdoor entertaining, the pleasure one can receive from a beautiful outdoor spa is immeasurable.

A Beautiful Outside Spa

Outdoor Spa

By adding many of these features to your home you will not only be increasing the property of your home, but you will also be increasing your quality of life as well as the quality of life of your guests when you are kind enough to invite them to partake in the outdoor spa activities. If you are primarily concerned with increasing your property’s value chose to invest in a quality landscape design, outdoor living space, covered patio, water features or potentially a new or custom pool.

For those of you who have a large outdoor space to work with, my personal favorite outdoor spa feature would have to be the creation of a small, circular lazy river or wave pool that allows you to float around with the motion of the river or tide. Another creative, yet much more inexpensive spa feature would be the creation of a lush, tropical oasis complete with misters that serve to cool you while watering your mini rain forest. Not only will the plants shower you with fresh and healthy Oxygen, but the mist combined with any shade from their foliage will keep you cool in the hot summer months while you enjoy your favorite iced cocktail.

New ThermaSol SteamSuite Series

Thursday, June 11th, 2009
Steam Suite Plus Controls

Steam Suite Plus Controls

The new ThermaSol SteamSuite Basic Package and ThermaSol SteamSuite Plus Package are new to the market and are affordable steam shower systems that are designed to appeal to all homeowners. The Basic Package includes a Deluxe Steamhead, Time and Temperature Control, and five year “no questions asked” warranty. The price range is $1,099 – $1,760, depending on the size of the shower. The steam generator can be plumbed 50 feet away from the shower enclosure and the system ensures constant steam at a constant rate.


Recreate the Fitness Club Spa in Your Own Bathroom

Wednesday, June 10th, 2009

Bring the Spa Bath from your Fitness Club Home

gymAny fitness buff will choose one gym over another because of its amenities and pampering perks. However, who wouldn’t be enticed by the relaxing oases that are being integrated into upscale gyms everyday? From eucalyptus-scented steam rooms to powerful rain canopy showerheads and sunken-in spas with body-contouring jet systems – these luxurious benefits are strategically-placed in gym bathrooms to keep their customers coming back. However, this same serene scene can be recreated in your home bathroom, and will work just as well at easing stress and releasing tension from tight muscles. (more…)

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